Anyone ever have this happen in STHD?

I was playing a ranked match, and all of a sudden my Chun starts spewing out Fierces without me hitting any button on the controller. Then all of a sudden, it started doing this with RH’s too.

Went into training mode just to check my controller, and it isn’t doing it now.

Is this some bug that’s been in the game that I haven’t experienced before, or did I just get screwed over by some dude?

I don’t think guys can glitch your controller over XBL.

have not seen that before. the only glitch was the 3 stars and red health bars

yes this happened to me one day but it was because i used water to clean the surface of the stick and yeah… but now it works perfectly

Eh, know it sounds schizo, but in 500 matches on XBL, that never happened to me, then that happened, got freaked. I haven’t heard of people glitching inputs over Live either, but I wanted to make sure.

putting two and two together, my guess is your hands sweat a lot :rofl:

but seriously, that sux