Anyone ever got xmen6p to work on mame?

so im trying to get the old skool xmen gmae to work for 6 players but it wont let me. i got the parent rom and every version there is. but when i start the game it just stays on the char select screen. and it only shows 3 chars not 6. im tryin to get this to work so i can play this game with some ppls from ggpo that wana try this. any help would b appricated

It wont work because of how the actual 6p X-men Cabinet worked. Just play the 4p version.

It doesn’t work on .64 or .117 mame, but it DOES work on .12x (might be 1.25 or something). I’ll double check when I get home.

During the intro, before you insert coins, the pictures showing the villains and heroes no longer scroll, because you can see them all at one as if you were standing in front of the actual cabinet.

thnks i appricate it. can u post the link of the emulator if it does work? thnks in adavnce

Just re-tested it on .117 mamek and it **DOES **work, provided you have the updated rom set. This is the link for the emulator, which you may already have if you’ve played SF3 on Kaillera.

The start button at the char select screen for each player is actually the player’s attack button which is button 1. The game will start after a player press their attack button, after inserting credits. From them on, it should be their start button provided its set.

PM me for rom set if yours isn’t working.

thnks alot man i appricate it. gona try it out right now. ill let u no if im having trouble. another question how do u change the skin for srk lol. im kinda getting tired of blue lol

ok got the game working. works perfect thnks alot man. but how do u switch it from full screen? bc were gona b on vent and full screen will suck lol

You can change the forum skin under “User Cp>Edit Options>”.

If you press tab during game and go to video options, there are some displays available. Some are specific for the game like a vertical split screen (racing game). Not sure, if there is an option for the full screen or not that you want.

Red Hotness is so ugly it should be a crime.

Blaze you have premium so pick SRK Black. Your eyes will thank you.

I’ve only done 4 players on 0.64 online 2 years ago or something. It was near impossible to get 4 players but having friends with those same interests sounds good to have. I wonder how the lag will be…