Anyone else want close st. mk to be +4?

I think a good buff would be close stand mk to be +4 so crouch lp after isn’t a 1 frame link.

Higher damage hit confirm would be great :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

Thing is your only going to land that close from a jump in, might as well use linked into jab. They just need to swap the TK damage around Imo so the second hit of the knee does more. Either that or make it better plus like vanilla. For a trade mark special it’s pretty awful in terms of data.

It’s not the worst idea though , our whiff punishment without meter is pretty standard.

Sagat needs other things a lot more.

For sure but I think this buff doesn’t get talked about and would go great with something like far stand lk cancelable (which gets mentioned a lot).

I just want him to tone back to AE12 and maybe a slight buff in tiger knee.

Making it so that Ultra 1 isn’t a buggy mess and gets its full 375 damage on air hit every time would be great.

Step kick needs to be put back to 100 as well. 80 damage for a situational AA? Sagat’s damage is so poor it makes me cry tiger tears.

lol speaking of poor damage… you know how Sagat can do crouching medium kick into tigershot, FADC into crouching medium punch into uppercut? Ryu gets more damage with the EXACT same combo.

So yeah…Gat moves slow and has the walk speed of a snail because he is “a massive seven foot tall guy” yet he hits like a girl? = somebody needs to make their mind up.

Come to think of it, i think sagat is just one of those characters that is impossible to get right due to his character build. Either he would be too good or not good enough. That sweet spot where he can be “balanced” is a very narrow one.

But angry scar counter hit EX Tiger Uppercut tho

People say that but it’s not really true the portion of matches that the cancel would break in proportion to the game would be tiny. Let’s put it this way , when Bonchan plays , how often do you see him zone anyone but the grapplers? None. He’s sitting at mid range playing footsie almost all of the time.

Sagat does ok damage if he spends meter. It’s just so valuable though. Even ending your BnB with Ex upper is sometimes worth it just to get a nice bit of damage.

i hear ya marz, but i need to spend 2 bars on that and its still situational. people seldom jump far out enough to get caught by a raw ex dp in my experience. They usually jump at ranges that a lp uppercut can punish.

Just me trying to make sense of what is happening, my man. I mean looking at how the character has evolved and all. the other day i just put both vanilla and current gat in the training room and started to compare them move for move, lol. Lets just say im thanking my lucky stars that i got into the game late, because if i had a chance to rock vanilla sagat…i think i would have smashed the game against a wall a long time ago.

Not saying that things should revert to vanilla because we all agree that he was too much there, but it seems capcom dont know what to do with the character. They continuously nerf him, then when they do finally decide to buff some elements they are iffy about it (i.e. stand lk “buff” and ultra 2 buff- which is legitimate now after 1.04 update)

I think the character is pretty close to ok now. a touch here or there would make him legit.

But yeah, SF5 is around the corner so it wont matter much either way. And for some reason I have the sneaking suspicion that Sagat will not make it to that game.

This happened to me in Guilty Gear when they freaking plucked out Testament from the lineup and i am pretty sure the same is gonna happen with Sagat…It’s a freaking conspiracy!

They just don’t want the lame characters dominating that’s all. Its a show for them now. Look at the tier list and look where all the zoning character sit compared to the aggressive characters. Look what the did in AE (basically had 3 broken characters because they wanted to make it aggressive).

Look what they continually do to DeeJay or T-hawk or Dan, never above shit tier in any version. When combofiend got involved things seemed to turn to shit. Sagat was considered mid tier and they actually gave him more nerfs lol, like WTF? Even Ryan Hart switches and the great man himself has to pick Ryu (of all characters!) against Daigo!

It’s just sad that we never really got any cool stuff to play with, like if you wanna keep him mid tier thats fine, but give us something…anything! We’ve not had a notable buff…ever. How many characters can you say that about? Not one buff that was good. We get things like EX TK adjusted! WAT!

but…but tiger knee forces stand!

lol, HFB goin in on capcom! I hear ya buddy…nothing to do but keep it moving i guess.

It’s just that they’ve got their favourites , look at Akuma… TT in every version.

I’d imagine Guile players probably feel the same. Always 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Agreed about the guile thing. I didnt think that health nerf was really necessary.