Anyone else play ps3/xbox on a CRT?

i play ps3 on a 36 inch 4:3 CRT and the image scaling cuts off the sides and top of my display. Is this the same case for xbox 360 on a non widescreen tv?

my game gets cut off about this much:

I actually don’t have anything cut off on my 360, which I play on a 17" CRT monitor.

I have a Sony 32" widescreen CRT (last of the great tellies) and it does have a slight overscan. It’s a lot better now than when I bought it once I changed a few settings in the service menu.

u have any experience playing it on a non widescreen tv?

Not really, no. I haven’t had a 4:3 TV for about 5 years!

I play SFIV on PS3 on a 36" Sony HD CRT TV, it is normally 4:3 but for HD resolutions it has a letterboxed 16:9 mode, and indeed a bit gets cut off on the top and bottom. I can probably fix it by going into service mode as has been mentioned before, but I’m too lazy.

I have a 4:3 480P CRT. It doesn’t cut anything off.

But you can always change stuff like this in the service menu.

Just make sure you’re careful, because there’s usually not a ‘reset to default’ setting in these. is a good place to request manuals.

hey, i am a member of

where do you request manuals? i can’t seem to find the forum for it.

My brother plays his Xbox via VGA on a 4:3 17" monitor. I belive its the same as a CRT but it looks great the imagine isnt widescreen obviously but on SF4 it looks like you have more floor surface which i quite like.

I think it looks good IMO

In the direct view/crt section of the forums.

Do some searches too. They have lots already listed and requested. Especially Sonys.

just thought i’d point out that is a uk site & is an american site, 2 different sites bud :wink:

Good catch.

I know nothing about avforum, but is great.

i play 360 on a 26" crt and text is impossible to read, hence why i had to give up on games with any kind of dialogue.


Everything is alright except for reading people’s names in SF4.

That shit’s impossible. I don’t know about reading text in any other game since I only play SF4 on my 360 and no other games :rofl:

I play it on non-widescreen tv’s and with SFIV it vertically stretches it a bit… doesn’t seem like I can solve the problem from the console, rather I’d need to adjust the tv settings, in which case I’d have to constantly re-adjust when watching anything else. I wish SFIV came with better display adjustment options. It’s really annoying, as if everyone owns a widescreen tv.

It’s Capcom’s fault rather than Microsoft’s since not all 360 games do this. They pull the tiny font shit on all of their games. I’m guessing they could care less.

^^ it’s like this for almost every game though, not just capcom’s. when the same games are played on nice hd tvs the text is big and crisp though. i came to the assumption that text is formatted differently based on what signal the video is being outputted.

If they cared they would fix it. Everyone and their mother was crying about the tiny fonts in Dead Rising. Hell, I’m just glad they let me have my 4:3 and didn’t force widescreen on me.

Yeah, it’s hard to read a lot of next gen games on smaller CRTs, but Capcom is easily the worst.

I have a 480p 36" and the stats page on SFIV is still ridiculously small.