Anyone else notice this problem?

One in awhile the life bars look like they are exactly equal for both characters, but then surprisingly one character is awarded the win.

Of course I could just be misjudging them, but this is something that never happened to me in regular ST as far as I recall.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Could this be another bug of some sort?

I’ve had it happen when playing on standard definition more than a couple times, but never on a HD set, from what I recall. Could be a picture downscaling issue.

I only play on an HD set.

Really, it could just be a pixel difference or even less than that… Like how someone’s life bar is completely gone … not even a spec of yellow shows up on the bar… Yet they still have life. At least that’s what I’d think the problem is, I have had that happen to me before though.

I’ve beat someone in a tournament 3 rounds to 1 and they went on to the next round.

I have had both things happen to me. The game is all jacked. When all is said and done the game is not up to par.

Its not all said and done! They’re going to patch it, and it will be like the best thing in the universe, just you see!

Please? :sad: