Anyone else have this problem with SF4 on Xbox Live?

Starting last night when I try to search for quick games in championship mode, all I get is the same user ( the name it’s using now is “Vocam4”) over and over again. All 3 slots will be that same user who is unconnectable. If I try to create a game I don’t get anyone to join. It worked fine up until last night, and now it’s all I get. Weird.

Hmm, now I just connected to someone by creating a game. Does this just mean there are no games to connect to and so it fills the empty spots with the “Vocam4” user? I can’t believe out of all the nerds on xbox live that there isn’t a single G2 game going.

I have this problem sometimes, easy solution, either avoid that player, or quit sf4 :stuck_out_tongue: Flame shield up

Can you read?

LOL. You guys make me feel so old with these questions. This happens in like every fighting game on Xbox Live. The network messes up sometimes and adds the same person on the search list multiple times. Usually it’s a glitch and that game was already up a long time ago and the network can’t find a way to get rid of the game so it locks up. CVS2 EO did that crap all the time.

PS: Why are you asking someone who doesn’t like SFIV if they can read? They’re not going to read anything you have to say. :lol:

Thanks for the reply. This is the first console game (fighting or otherwise) that I’ve played much online. I got an xbox specifically for SFIV.

I had a similar problem on HDR yesterday, signing in again fixed it for me.

I had the same problem yesterday. All day every list was populated by people that weren’t on. It was pretty frustrating. It was such a pain to find a legit game. Hopefully things are better today.

Yeah it’s been happening since day 1. I just come back later to play. Get’s really annoying when the dude is still on the list though. lol.

Yeah it’s been happening to me a lot more recently too. I even did a custom search and a guy was on there 4 times. But even after creating a room it took about 10 minutes before someone joined. It’s like champ mode is empty at 5am on a Tuesday morning.

I get this alot, in addition to getting a “You have been disconnected from XBOX Live” when the game is trying to save a win result in Championship Mode. My suspicion is:

When you search for a match, all the search results get saved into a local file on your 360 (perhaps and XML file or something similar) and then this is rendered onto the screen. If there is a problem or a glitch in the code, probably you have 10 valid matches from the search return, but only 6 or 7 really get written to the intermediate XML / text file and then for some reason one same match gets written multiple times.

Regarding the problem I have, it must be on the same line of events: I win a match, the game tries to update my game file (be it XML, text or whatever) and for some reason cannot write to the file. The game thinks I have quit XBL (which doesnt make sense, probably a bug) and not only does not add the points: it assumes that I quit the match early (a pain when this happens after winning a semi final) so I have to start over, and to add insult to injury I also get a flag on my disconnect percentage (I have never DC’ed on someone on purpose) and I know have 1%, which may be a pain for the SF4 Capcom tourny.

Solution? I really dont know. Perhaps backing the file up, removing SF4 from your hard drive and resintalling the game and copying the file back. This bug obviously has only started happening since the new patch came out.

It also takes me a few seconds to enter the online mode since the patch, before it was instant. Lots of bugs, and for someone trying to get lots of GP’s and not have a DC ratio for the European Capcom tournament, it is a pain.

Does this make sense?