Anyone down to make site banners?

Not too long ago, i emailed ozy (the guy who runs the bugrave website) to ask if he wanted to exchange banners. Not only did he agree, but he said he wanted to make a banner for my site to use on his links page too. I was really honored so i decided to put his work up on my own site. He actually wound up making three more, just to mess around with different styles and sizes, and i put them all online at the bottom of my links page.

As you can see, his banners look a hell of a lot better than mine so i was pretty happy about it overall. Lately i’ve been so busy updating the site and making videos, that i don’t think i’ll ever have time to go back and redo my ghetto banners.

So i figured i’d ask here to see if anyone wants to make a gift banner for my site, since there are so many talented artists on this forum.

Just to make it clear, i’m not in dire need of banners or anything. It’s just kind of an opportunity for anyone who wants to flex some artistic skills without anyone telling them strictly what to use as a theme or background or anything.

The only thing i request is that you keep it relatively small, around the same ballpark size as the ones i have now. And if you wanna make more than one, that’d be awesome. Having two works by the same artist gives a way better impression of his/her versatility and range.

So with that said, please try to avoid making animated banners. They tend to look horrible unless they’re of a gigantic filesize, and i’m pretty much always going to have to refuse putting them on the site. If you want to run an almost guaranteed risk of going through all that trouble for nothing, that’s up to you. Otherwise, please make them non-animated.

As far as time restrictions go, there are none! Take as long as you want. In fact, the longer the better. If you don’t rush, maybe you can use this as a chance to learn something new or refine your skills. I’ll be accepting contributed banners that i feel fit well with the site layout for pretty much as long as the website is online, so there’s no rush whatsoever.

So, anyone interested?

Sounds fun, I’ll see if I can squeeze one out.

sounds cool ill give it a try


I will try one too :slight_smile:

See? That wasn’t too hard.

if you like another color ill change it

Only 55kb :slight_smile:

Can you get it any lower? That’s going to take a 56k user 10-20 seconds to download.

The gif is already compressed to death.
I was going according to the size of the banners on his site.He has like 100kb jpg so I figured 55 wouldnt be too bad.

Gah, bad web designers. :mad:

lol this sounds cooo!!! I’m in! :lol:

Wow, that looks awesome. I like the other two colors you did too. I’ll put up all three of them when i update on Monday. Thanx dude! It’s gonna say “- Created by AsianDemon -” on the page (unless you wanna use another name), so do you have a site i can link your name to?

Lies!! Aside from one banner which is 15KB, all of the rest are under 10KB. The only thing anywhere near 100KB is the bigass SFA3 anigif at the top, which i just use cuz it looks bootleg.

But yea, now that it’s been brought up, i dunno about animation. It’s really hard to get a sprite that big to look good on a banner without winding up with really big filesizes. Since i have so many graphics on that page anyway, i think it’s a bad design choice to allow animated ones there.

I really like the font and the background though! It reminds me of the SF Comic Guile foil cover.

I’ll do one for you bud.

If you don’t mind, I’ll give it a go.

yo maj, big fan of your site…had to make one for ya bro :smiley: hope ya like it…if any changes needed…just tell me and i’ll fix

Hey, here’s what I came up with.

That tag is kickass, Hybrid.

Wow, that is sweet!

Very nice work. :o

Here’s two versions of mine.

Wow, i can’t believe so many people are actually up for this. The stuff so far is really amazing. I’m really honored. Hybrid Fury and InfiniDragon615, those are awesome!

Ok everyone needs to tell me how they want their names to appear, and also give me a link to a personal website, or team website, or DeviantArt page or whatever you want.

I’m really glad i went through with this. My banners suuuuck compared to these. I just tried to take screenshots of Sonic Hurricane combo setups to use for banners. Like you can see Kyosuke’s FB’s about to interrupt Guile, and Nako’s bird, and Todo’s wave thing. You can’t really see Rolento’s knives, but whenever Rolento is in a combo video, knives are implied : )

You can click on those banner things to see the full screenshots. But when i got down to the Photoshop part, the text came out looking all horrible and as a whole they looked hella ghetto. Someday i’ma learn how to use that program beyond crop, cut, and paste.