Anyone can help me on 2 of akuma skills !?

  1. how do you do the air grab ?? its in 0:13 in this vid


  1. and lastly how do you the akuma shockwave SA thing ?? the one that he charge up and punch the ground and it consumes max SA bar
  1. Dragon punch motion but with a kick, then when you are near your opponent’s head hit light punch + light kick

  2. Down, down, down + all three punches (two punches work also)

ehhhh? i tried doing that shockwave but its not working its kinda surprising you dont see akuma crouching rapidly when players do that >.<

Practice, practice, practice. I don’t really know the timing, so I don’t get it every time myself.

Oh, seeing your avatar:

all of your akuma moves questions are answered here …

The timing’s not hard, just down down down fast and then 3x punch.

Also a good way to mask the obvious crouching is to input the 3 downs while in midair, and the 3x punch when you land, but you should just try to get the normal one down first.

ehhh while in mid air its input is acknowledged? whoa nice

Concentrate on kick xx super before you try fancy stuff like the KKZ (d,d,d,P+P+P).

Fancy stuff? lol, it’s just down three times then all punches. You can do it slow as shit and it still comes out. What could possibly be easier? Unless you’re talking about tatsu, jab KKZ, but that’s not what the topic creator asked about.

air throw is lp &lk togeth. wh/ near a jmpn or airborne opponent.
To practice, go to training, set le dummy to jump. when he’s mid thru his jump rise jump towards him n press lk n lp togeth. only wrk at close range.
trw controls> x+[] on le ps2
b n y on xb

ya need full super meter [l. 3] to perform the ground smash. mk sure t press all 3 punches [ the top row of buttons + the top shoulder button at once.]
typing w/ le wiimote, btw.

why would they even make a move that kills your whole life bar??

I just saw someoen doing that akuma move and I assumed it’s a pain in the ass to perform

like a huge string of buttons - is it really that easy?

okay I did the super wave

but it took up only an inch of life and used 2 level guages

how do you drain the full bar like the guys in the vids?

Either you were blocked or you spaced it badly. Go into training mode and mess with how far Gouki is standing from the opponent when you perform the KKZ.

The wiki is unfinished by the way.
many characters like yun and yang hardly have any work done on their wikis despite the info on this site.

Looks Good