Anybody taking a XBOX360 To PS3 converter?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anybody is taking a xbox360 to PS3 converter??

Because i use the fightpad and i was wondering if anybody could lend me theirs while im over there. I will pay to borrow it.

There is no good xbox 360 to ps3 converter. they all lag.Oh the irony…

I’m guessing you want to play under online conditions so you can win.

note: the lag will affect you and not them…

I feel sorry for whoever is in deathnote’s bracket. Going to be hit with random after random. Feel the G1 power.

Lmao, Wow i knew the haters would come out right away.
I called it right when i posted this.
That’s not even the case man im just trying to give my best… talk all the shit you want.

Anyway, Back to the real subject…
Anybody taking any XBOX360 to PS3 converters…

He may not have been the most polite, but he’s telling the truth. There is no good converter.

If it was for a stick I can understand… But a fightpad? Just buy a ps3 one, they’re not expensive.
If I remember correctly, the 360 -> PS3 converters are expensive anyway, and they don’t even work well.

Yeah that’s what i was thinking, But the PS3 fightpads are wireless and sadly EVO banned all wireless controls and sticks.
Unless somebody knows something i dont…

You can use the ps3 pad as long as you connect the USB charger cable to the ps3 console, and turn the controller off before unplugging the cable. I dont know about the fightpads but this is for the normal pads.

Ahh i see.
Thanks for the info… i might just have to go PS3 pad then.
It’s not that bad either…
Does anybody know if the fightpads accepts the charge kit too…?

the ps3 fightpad has a little receiver that you plug into the ps3.

still shitty because it’s wireless though. keep wireless away from my fg specific controllers from now on, madcatz wtf.

Oh Alright.
Thanks for the info everyone.