Anybody playing Jump Ultimate Stars yet?

Just got my copy today and wasn’t able to find a thread for it so here we go. Just cleared the first 10 worlds and the difficulty offline is easier than the last go around. You still unlock extra characters by completing specific requirements within missions. Haven’t messed around with the deck building too much so far, but there seems to be a lot of variety as far deck building goes.

There also seems to be quite a few people from the US already playing online. The quality of the online connection is about the same as Bleach DS, which is basically terrible! to mildly decent. If you have it please leave your friend codes.

I’ll try to answer any questions I can. Hopefully Trag will pick it up soon and give us some good quality strategy.

I only got around to finishing the tutorials. I never spent a lot of time on JSS, so a lot of the options are as good as new to me.

Wifi is the only thing thats keeping me remotely interested.

What does Kenshiro (and the rest of the HnK) play like?

I haven’t unlocked them yet so no idea.

What about Kinnikuman and company? :smiley:

EDIT: I just read that only Kinnikuman is playable, and the other Seigi Chojin are just support characters. =/

And it’s only the first series (while still awesome), it doesn’t include Nisei since I don’t think that was even published in Jump. :looney:

So no Kevin Mask. =(

i bought the game on friday and it’s tight!!! gear 2 and 3 luffy, and RENJI…that right was good for me

when i get paid, this is gonna be mine, anyone mess with the wifi yet?

I’ve been messing around with wifi, the options are really lacking for match types though. Working on unlocking Sasuke right now but I’m having a hell of a time unlocking White Gems. Seems the only way to unlock them are to pass all requirements on a mission and completing worlds 100% and you only get like 25 per completed mission.

Lol I’m still mad that I still have to unlock my favorite anime character Sagara Sanosuke of Rurouni Kenshin and he’s still just a support character, not playable darn it… still I’ll get it from Chinatown whenever I get my Xmas bonus. Making your own manga is so much fun. :lovin:

argh man this sucks Im broke I want this game, going to have to wait.

I’ve never heard of this. What is the game play like?

Tag team Smash Bros. with assists. The original was great fun, can’t wait to buy this.

So anyone unlock the Hnk characters yet? how do they play?

On its way to me now…

I’m hoping that Kenshiro plays like Luffy and JoJo, the more you mash during a super the more hits you do.

Got the game a little while ago. Going to Rurouni Kenshin land is fun! They let you use a Sagara Sanosuke support character that busts out his huge Zanza blade! :rock: In Naruto land there was a Naruto mission too where I had to grab the bells from Kakashi like when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura did when they first met him. :rofl: Haven’t really unlocked too many characters yet since I’ve been playing randomly, switching off between this and Elite Beat Agents. Jump 2 is a cool game though. I still wish that Sagara Sanosuke was playable but oh wells. :smile:

8 koma kenshiro has his muyo tensai whatever it’s called same as 8 koma raoh it’s a great move works like a geese counter as in get hit within the window you’re doing it and they get hit by some after images of kenshiro or raoh whoever you are when ever i got hit by it it allways done a fuck load or damage, plus they get about 2 seconds of invincibilty after aswell as a bonus.

I dont really like kenshiro but raoh is pretty damn sweet done a couple of decent little combos using 3 koma rei as support Highest i’ve done so far is like maybe 154 damage, you probably can get alot higher i’m just really starting this game
anybody know how big there lifebar is? aint played it on wifi.

I never bothered with the first game even though i had it, but i love this one love raoh decent little game this is coming from a person that hates anything super smash brother related

Is the fighting and combos in this as broke and fun as bleach ds?

As hes always been, Sanji is the shit in this game.

And Don Patch is the top of top tier, what the hell. I’m glad for the Bobobo characters, but seriously what the hell

Fun fact: if there’s a Fry’s Electronics near you, you can go over there and pick the game up for the same price as import (50 bucks).

I did so today, I’ve played it for about an hour or so… I cleared everything in the first world so far, it’s fun. I’m still using the default Naruto/Luffy though cause I haven’t really figured out how to modify my team yet.

For a DS game it puts a bit of a hole in your pocket, but from the bit I’ve played so far, it’s worth it.