Anybody know any kiler combos?

I really need help. My brother keeps on whooping me with blanka

uh…for yamazaki…it’s better than you just do standing roundhouse a lot instead of trying to combo blanka

yamazaki is really slow so unless you are good at this game, don’t try to combo blanka with him

I had a problem with blanka when my freind would use him.If you block his roll fierce kick him everytime.If hes charging down hit him with the overhead kick special(forgot the name).

jump in Mk , , sandkick(light) , snakarm (feirce)

jumpin fk, fp, serpent slash (fierce). old, but very strong combo. if you dont feel safe doin this combo, then just do what HZ recommended. its allot easier to connect cause of the mk, and still pretty damn strong. use the serpent slashes in your pressure game against your opponents when they’re in the corner, but be careful against blanka.

you could also do jump in fk, fp, dirtkick (light), then serpent slash (medium or fierce). pretty damaging combo

I’m pretty sure you can Close S.Hp, QCB + HK, QCB + HP.

Maybe not from jump-ins?

I like when people do sandkick, snakearm on my Blanka.

Then, whether it’s hit or blocked, I do level three vrooo.

Then, Yamazaki’s like “ow electricity”