Anybody ever seen one of these sticks?

Looked around and I’ve never seen one of these before and I cant find them online so I’m asking the SRK community if anyone has ever come across one of these sticks?

I know it looks like junk but I just want to know what the hell it is lol

Wow the buttons are so far apart.

Thats all I wanted to say, haven’t got a clue what it is sorry.

Don’t know this stick but this might help
A link from CAG

"It includes the box, but the box is all beat up, so it’s not pictured. The package included a small manual leaflet, a replacement joystick uh, thingy (you can have a ball or a bat in the stick), the system adapter, the adapter to console cable, and three adapter cables for SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive and PC Engine - you don’t need one to plug this into the Neogeo or a Supergun, whatever that is. The joystick is pretty much mint, but the box said that there was supposed to be a second gamepad and a Joymouse adapter, whatever that was. The box also says it supports the Famicom but I have no idea if that’s true or not. I tested out the pad on my Genesis and it works, but it’s detected as a three button pad, not as a six button one.

I have no idea how it performs with the other consoles, since I only have a Genesis available. Sorry." (Kitsune Sniper, CAG)

Seems interesting, the PCB might be a gateway to nearly a lot of old/retro gaming.

Yes, in this thread. He also wanted to know what the heck it was, so you guys ought to be friends.

LOL nice find I wish I would have seen this earlier. Looks like I’m not alone after all :wink:

hiya fellow ‘searching for info’ buddy.

have you found anything?

Not really:( I just wanted to see if the drivers where out there. I know the one my brother has came with a bunch of adapters (as seen in the pics above) but when we plug it into the PC the mouse and keyboard just freeze up. I may just mod it but I didn’t want to tear it apart until I knew what it was. To be honest the button layout is kinda wacky so I may have him just sell it since I’m making him a custom stick anyway.

shameless work log pludg :wink:

OMG my fingers would have to do a spread-eagle to hit those buttons!