Anybody doing issue 7 contest? (Streetfighter comic)

From what I’ve heard it has to be a beach scene. I’m probably gonna due one once I find out who I want to put in.

I’ll enter if you enter deon

That is if I get this motherfuckin’ scanner fixed…how the hell I broke a scanner is beyond me.

Eh that’s coo, the more the merrier

Hopefully more people from our forum will enter, repasent SRK dammit!

I’m gonna draw something for that Talent Search contest thingy thats on their webpage. But just for fun.

I like drawing comics to other peoples scripts.

The boys vs girls theme was ignored in the last contest by alot of the winning artists. Oh well.

This sounds interesting. Could someone give me a link please?

Talent Search

Heres that link. You can only enter if your from Toronto though…

Talent Search

Ahh Canada , Toronto my old home town, …too bad I live in Vancouver now, making a competition exclusive-to themselves- that wasnt very right man…:bluu:

That is NOT cool. Stupid people…

July 31st is the deadline

So you have plenty of time to get something done. I have an idea and Im gonna get a scan and post soon.

What is the prize for the winner?

has anyone BOUGHT the damn issue 7? who was the winner?

I got issue 7 and just some random guy like you and I won. You guys should enter the next fanart contest. Issue 8 is going to be delayed i think and you have bundles of time to whip up something. Rep srk guys.

Your talking about the beach one right?

Or is it another one altogether? How are you guess doing on the contest? I’m in complete deadlock with 3 diffrent ideas, good thing schools out…