Anybody can do the LATIF ( Double Fierce TK )

So you want to do Latifs Double F Tk huh ? well its easy

I went into training mode and tried something out … Guess what its the easiest thing to do in the world and i just started playing around with her …

To do it the Scrub Lazi Man way do Qcb PPP and have it set to Turbo and it works … but wait if thats possible maybe you can do it the Latif way and look cool … well guys i use Qcb H LP + MP twice in a row like pianoing and it works so go in the lab try it out and look cool playing viper the Latif Way

I went back in the lab after posting this and when you do Lk F Tk for some reason its very easy to Feint the FTK so you can mash HP and MP and Another will come out as well im posting my inputs on youtube so others can see … And If you think this is a stupid thread dont watse your time commenting because thats not needed here this thread is for people that just want the answers and dont have the time going through all the threads thank you.

Important Note …Keep This In Mind you can only do Double Feints when you have NO METER OR YOU WILL GET A DOUBLE EX FEINT

Here’s a link to the inputs

With turbo it would be easier, just stick your fingers down and the pad does everything.

I’m not dissing Latif because he’s 100000000x better than me, but I’ll try it. Eventhough I can’t use Viper, but it might look easy for everyone else but it works by the looks of things.

wtf? There is a thread about the dumb dbl TK feints about half a page down already. Plus its useless and gimmicky and not even hard at all.

I love how you asked in the questions thread for info on double tk feint and and then go on to make a thread with the information given to you as if you’ve discovered some kinda secret lol good job sir.

I’m sick of ppl making stupid threads.

Look at the Times Bro

Yeah but its the whole idea of it if it works with turbo then it works with regular inputs and i first tried lp+mp then i found Mp+Hp works just find

And this thread is so people don’t have to look half way down a page their probably not gonna look through because i barely did

like who give the community the right to tell someone not to make a thread if you think its so stuid dont waste your time and comment … Stay in your moms basement…

Dude, your first sentence makes me face palm so hard… Its not only half a page down the q&a thread, theres also a thread about dbl f.Tk feints half a page down the forum. Your obviously not looking through the forum or know how to search for stuff and make new threads about stuff thats been discussed a million times already. You could go on and make a new thread about how to do FFF because its not on the god damn top of the forum by your logic.

Seems I offended you lol. There has been a couple threads on TK feints & double feints and they all get pushed down because ppl will always make a new thread about something that’s already been posted thus continuing the retarded cycle of thread creations.
I have no problem with someone making a new thread, I have a problem with someone making a stupid pointless thread. You asked for some info, got it, and decided to make a thread about what you just learned lol. If someone wants to know about TK feinting they would go to the question thread and ask there and maybe they’ll even see the post already about TK feinting and if not someone will tell them, that’s how it’s supposed to work not have a bunch of threads each for one topic cause they’ll all push each other down along with other worthwhile threads and just get lost.

People need to at least make an effort to check to see if whatever they want to make a thread about has been posted somewhere else and think for a second if it’s actually worth making a thread about or just posting it in an existing thread.

He himself asked for the info in the Q&A thread and proceed to make a thread about it with the info given to him. Who the fuck does that?

Your welcome Guys glad i did my part

@Gracias Mi Amigo
you are a certified idiot for ignoring forum rules and posts by your fellow members. best remark so far :

this kind of stupidity really needs to stop. where do these new members get this idea that they are entitled to such privileges? this kid is mad as fuck.


Stay in your moms basement guy XD your opinion really wasn’t needed … i kno its hard being irrelevant in real life so dont try and make up for it behind a computer screen posting insult or trying to be better then what you really are

is that where you are right now? sooo juvenile, lol. i’ma let you get the last word on this cuz the mere thought of going back and forth with you about this is asinine enough. hold that shit and keep it. it’s all yours. good luck trying to grow up cuz you’re the fraudulent kind that will not get anywhere in life seeing as you just pirated whatever info+tactics you wished to pass off as your own effort in this failure of a thread. oh yeah, your spelling is complete garbage. better turn on spell check, genius.


wow this is like a umvc3 mechanic justifying itself