Any1 else plays a zoning seth like me?

I pretty much run away the whole game and i rarely do combos. The reason why i rarely do combos is because

  1. I play on pad, it’s harder to time your link
  2. if i play online, it’s a lot harder to time the links
  3. seth has plenty of zoning options(FP/sonic boom/good DP/walljump
  4. great escapes (teleport/wal jumps, or reversal DP to escape)
  5. it’s harder for your opponent to build meter if they can’t outzone you

my ranked record is 207 wins and 67 losses. currently at 3070 PP. I get a lot of nasty messages from guys i beat because of my “run away strategy”. Really, i was outzoning them, it’s a strategy, and it can be stopped.

I usually lose to vega/bison players. However, majority of people use shotos and characters that don’t have great anti-zoning game.

anyone else play like me?

It’s not the best strategy, in my opinion. It’s taking everything that makes Seth strong and then choosing to not use them :stuck_out_tongue:
Not to mention if you’re losing to Bison, that’s kind of bad, Bison is an easy matchup for regular Seth. I mean if you’re using zoning Seth as a crutch to avoid doing links, you should probably just play Dhalsim or Guile or Sagat. It does kind of sound like you’re trying to get credibility for playing a character what most would say to be inefficiently.

[FONT=Helvetica]it’s not that I can’t do the links(i can nail them almost consistently on practice mode). It’s another thing doing them against a top player WITH lag. And if you don’t do it correctly, goodbye 30-40% your health. There are combos that seth can do that doesn’t require links, and I do them all the time if my opponent makes a mistake. Here are combos that doesn’t require links

Jump FierceKick+Low MK+lightning leg
Jump Fircekick+low MK+Sonic boom
Jump Fierce+low MK+sonicboom+fadc+low MK+lightning leg
jump fiercekick+FP+lightning leg
Jump Fiercekick+FP+sonicboom Fadc+FP+lightning legs

I never do links, and the only advantage on doing links with my strategy is hit confirming a player with a low jab. HOWEVER, if you catch a player with a low jab, and you don’t hit your link correctly, you will either get DP’d or botch your combo.

Half of seth’s combos don’t require you to do any links,(such as lowjab+lowjab+medium punch+lightning leg link).

THIS IS why i zone 90% of the time and only combo when I see an opening. this is how I got a 200 win 60 loss record. Sure, that record probably isn’t good when it comes to high level players, but i’ve beaten plenty of solid players. The reason why I don’t do links is because I play on Pad. It’s hard plinking on pad and **it’s hard timing your links using your thumbs(on pad). **

The advantage of Stick players is that you can “piano” and “plink” easier, and also, you are using your FINGERS when you play someone, making the timing easier. THERE ARE exceptions such as vangief or wolfkrone; however, exceptions don’t prove the rule.** It’s HARD doing links on pad.** This is why I turtle with seth.[/FONT]

When Seth still had jumping fierce, I used to play keepaway until the opponent fucked up and let me start mixups.

I play runaway sometimes just to mix it up in case I’m worried about them getting a read on me and killing me. Against Gief for example, sometimes I walk forwards and sometimes I just pretend I’m doing parkour.

Pad is no excuse for dropping links otherwise Vangief wouldn’t be playing Gief and doing BnBs consisting of like 4 1 frame links. You’re just lazy and making up excuses.

If you don’t want to rush down that’s fine, but not hit-confirming off a jab means your ground game is way worse.

Other characters can do the job better, Sagat comes to mind

If you want to play zoning play a good zoning character.There is no point playing seth if you dont play agressive mixup game.It is like playing zangief and not using SPD in your gameplay.Yes you can beat players with worse fundamentals but it doesnt mean it is a good tactic.

I used to switch to zoning when appropriate, but without j.HP it’s just not worth it imo.

I also play alot of zone style with seth, its not making use of his best features but it can be fun to play the style sometimes. I especially love the style against Deejay because fighting him up close is a real problem for me, so I prefer to just keep him out and constantly poke with standing strong and varied sonic boom speeds. I am very capable of doing rush down as well, but I like to mix it up a bunch, and I’m actually bad at the game too, so that comes into play.

Seth clearly isn’t the best for zoning but I like to zone for a bit at the start of matches to build some meter and then get in with a wall dive.

The problem with Seth as a zoning character is his slow recovery on his Sonic Booms which makes it easy to get jumped in on.

Seth was a character that I felt should very rarely resort to zoning, because of his horrid recovery on his sonic booms, and the fact that he has priority out of this world. He has a high stun rate for a reason and I feel it should always be utilized.

Combos for Seth shouldn’t be too difficult, using a pad isn’t a good excuse either because I play Seth on pad and beat people convincingly.

Just do 3 hit combos into spin kicks, and his toe tap dive kick stuff isn’t all that hard either

Just go in training mode and practice and get a buddy in endless to help you with dealing with lag

I hands down can say im one of the best seths you will ever see…not pongko best… but for random online player my seth is really good… I use to play run away style but notioce you can only win against bad kids that way. if you play someone good you will get smoked. Seth is made to be rush down and thats where he is most effective.

only against slow characters usually or when really far away

I play keep away all the time. That’s usually my opening strategy.

Besides his loss of j.HP is his zoning still anywhere near as good as it was in Vanilla/Super?

I used to love Seths ability to just switch gears between zoning and rushdown at the drop of a hat and although I can sort of see why people recommend Juri for a similar playstyle I’m just not enjoying her as much.