Any word on ps3 stick support yet?

so did they finally “look” into this or what

Think they have always mentioned there will be no PS3 stick support for SFV. It was only for USFIV.

Still no word

They actually said they were looking into implementing something for SFV, and that they would speak on it more in the future.

This was said back in the summer, though. The idea might’ve been scrapped altogether. Only time will tell.

There are other threads where this would have been more appropriate. No need to start a new one.

I’d say by now it is prob not happening.

Most likely due to the desire or deals to sell more new pads and sticks for V.

Its probably not going to happen.

which is just blantant milking the cow… I mean have you seen the pricing on those sticks? Ranging from 199$ - 230$ for an arcade stick (a tool which I already OWN but due to made-up reasons am not allowed to play with on the ps4)

Probably switching back to pad at this point, it’s just not worth it anymore, with each now iteration the sticks become more pricy

MadCatz is actually doing a great job of providing a wide range of products for buying a PS4 stick. Their SFV line has many different price points, starting at the very reasonable $80. Yes, this is still $80, but it isn’t the $200 you’ve stated. I’m not discounting the fact that not supporting PS3 sticks is somewhat of a money grab but if they didn’t then there would be very little reason to buy a PS4 stick. If PS3 sticks were still supported I know I wouldn’t have made my latest build, so it’s just smart business.

Yea, and you could always get your stick modded. Go to the tech forums to find a modder in your area and go from there.

Amazon Canada had an error on the price of the Madcatz sticks back in December.
They listed the TE 2+ for 205 cdn (143 USD), and the TE S for 165 cdn (115 USD).

I managed to snag the two for the incorrect price before they corrected the mistake and brought it back up to 230 USD and 200 USD. Price is absolutely ridiculous.

The thing that bugs me about this is:

I have the console (PS4)
I have the controller (Arcade Stick)
It actually WORKS on the console (look at USF4)
BUT capcom puts an artificial wall between me and my controller just to get my to buy another one. Thing is, am I supposed to trash my old arcade stick which I bought for good money and is still perfectly fine just because of that artificial barrier?

Cash rules everything around me
Madcatz needs to get that C.R.E.A.M.

It’s bad business in my opinion.

Think of all the casual players that bought a stick but aren’t all that serious about fighting games, they now have a disincentive to even play SFV at all. For those with a decent PC and a PS3-gen stick, they have a major disincentive to ever buy a PS4 for the game.

lets be real, how many casuals was dropping 100+ on a stick?

Some people become more casual as life progresses. They might follow news on the game a bit and still have a desire to play SFV casually, but there’s no way in hell they’re dropping $150 on another stick.

Its a great business decision. If they don’t do this like others have said they will lose a lot of sales, including mine. Does it sucks that we have 2 buy another stick, of course it does but 2 say it’s a bad business decision is crazy.

Not gonna lie tho i cant wait 2 get my hands on the TE2+

MadCatz will lose sales, not the entity making the decision we’re talking about, which is Capcom.

By doing this Capcom deliberately makes their game less accessible, and the only rational reason to do it would be if they thought the licensing fees or other payments coming from MadCatz and other manufacturers outweighs that consideration. To me, there’s no possible way that could be the case. Not just because this looks sleazy, but because making your product as accessible as possible should be the higher priority.

I’d even argue it’s a bad move on MadCatz’s part. If pads and sticks are basically equal, and I know MadCatz will make my $150-200 investment obsolete at the drop of a hat, why keep buying their stuff? Why not just make new products with better features people actually want to buy?

200$ for a stick is chicken feed. If you have problems buying a 200$ stick, you should probably reevaluate whats important in life.

In my exp only posers and enthusiasts buy these sticks.

And quite frankly you knew the game was coming out for at least a year.

250$ For stick
450$ fir console
80$ for game

So 780/12 = 65$ a month. Any male, not disabled, can do that. I think…

I thought u was talking bout madcatz my bad. I don’t know how much it will hurt capcom. I mean most experienced players r still gonna get the game regardless and casual players aint gonna not get the game because of that, they will just stick 2 pad.