Any way to map the right stick on Xbox 360 controller - SFV?

I recently picked up SFV Champion Edition and am playing with an Xbox 360 controller by means of wireless receiver. However, after setting up the controller, I realized that the right stick is unusable, except for training shortcuts. Is there any way to be able to use/map the stick for multiple button presses, like V Skill or Throw?

The right analog stick?
It’s generally not used in fighters.

What controller are you even using?

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You might be able to do it with x-input or some of the other software that let you map out button presses. Can’t say that anybody here would encourage you to do this since you wouldn’t be able to use it at tournaments or locals.

All it would do is give you a bad habit that leads nowhere with long term use.

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It’s the first sentence of his post man…