Any way to increase PS Vita online performance?

So, I just tried some online play on the PS Vita last night, and it is at least 4 steps beyond unacceptable. I played 15 different people, all of which I spent around 1/3 of the game staring at still frames because of the vomitatious lag, and trying to pull off any kind of combo is like attempting to pick fly shit out of pepper. All of my opponents had a full 5 green bars, and I positioned myself by a powerful router so I know for sure it’s not coming from my end…but the gameplay functions about as far from optimally as I could imagine.

Is there something I’m missing? Is there any way to make online play playable?

Play a game with better online.

I can see you’re one of “those”.

I realize that UMvC3 has some kind of pathetic net coding, which is a shame and a half because of the surgeon-like precision and timing that is required to pull off advanced techniques, but I’m speaking of a whole different level of screwed up. I’ve played the game on the Xbox 360, and however bad it got, there were a few good fluid matches here and there. On the Vita, it’s the frame rate is the pinnacle of the worst of the worst, every single damn match.

And no, I’m here because I want to play this game, not some NetherRealm borefest or worse, weeaboo moe’ service

I don’t know what you mean when you say I’m one of “those”, but that’s honestly the only answer I can give. The Vita has never been the ideal choice for playing Marvel. Best stick to 360 for online play if you can.

What I mean is when someone asks about a specific game on a specific platform one of “those” would say “play something else”, much like you did. Other fighting games suck. Period. So if that’s the only answer you can give, I think it’s clear that you and I both know the best option is not to give advice at all.

Again, no platform plays this game “ideal” online, but I refuse to believe that this is actually the way it’s been set up to run. I can get better frame rates on powerpoint

Also, I absolutely despise cats and anime.

Yes, that is relevant

I mean what kind of answer do you honestly expect? There are no in-game settings for you to tweak. You’re stuck with wi-fi. There’s not much, if anything, that you can improve besides getting better Internet and finding opponents that you know have good connections.

If you have Marvel on 360, play that. It’s not gonna get better on Vita. I understand that this is the answer that you did not want to hear, but it’s the truth.