Any Viper players on PSN from Europe? (I'm looking for some to spar with)

Hello. I’m looking for a good Viper player who I can spare with. I’m from Denmark (in Scandinavia), and I have a 20 mbit connection with 1 mb upload speed, so the connection should be fine on my end.

I play Fei Long, and did play Viper back when I used my pad, however I find her SJC links too difficult for me with a stick… it might be due to my grip, or I just need to get better with the stick. lol
Anyway, I’m looking for a Viper to spar with. I don’t just mean the once; preferably every now and then so I can get some knowledge on the match-up.
If there are absolutely no European PSN players posting in this thread, then someone from the US would also be fine, although I don’t like it as much because it’ll be hard to follow up ex.CW with a combo.

Leave PSN tag in the thread here if you’re interested… or sympathetic enough. :shy:

I can play with you if you want, although I’m not very good. Know the basic stuff I guess. Got about the same internet as you, and I’m from Sweden, so connection should be fine.

Added. :smiley: