Any tourneys coming up in Michigan?

Are there any or for that fact are there any big fighting game communities in Michgan?

Well… what games do u play and where do u live.

there a bid tourney(Mayn Event) it’s in May but i’m not sure where it’s gonna be held this years since’s Pinball Petes decided not to have it. but yeah… it’s a pretty big tourney if u play Tekken DR or CVS2

Badass, I’m actually going there tonight. A few months ago they had a big tournament there with more then just CvS2 and DR, it’d be nice if they changed their mind, I love Ann Arbor. CvS2 is my game, I plan to go to EVO North too.

Hey i’m planning on going to EVO north too.
But whats going on in ann arbor?