Any Swiss players around?

Hi guys

I can’t seem to find anyone in my area that plays fighting games, also as far as I know there aren’t any good arcades around (at least in the North-Western region).

Shout out to all the Swiss players on this forum, let’s get something going!

hej basler,

i know there have been some swiss related threads, but this one’s the most recent and i just registered a short while ago, so … here i go:

i guess from your name that you’re from basel? i know, very perceptive :wink: i’m just sayin’, cuz so am i xD i have a friend who visited an arcade in basel sayin’ it was somewhere i de steine, but notin’ that it’s been closed or moved or something, anyway it’s not there anymore :confused:

i just picked up mvc3 (thou’ have been playing tvc for quite a while before that), so let me know if you want to jam :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the one in Steine has been closed down and replaced with a shoe shop :C

No, there are no arcades left I’m afraid.

hey, I’m from Switzerland too (Luzern), and want to get into Samurai Shodown… have you heard of it?
looks like there’s still no FGCs around here, except Hardread in Zurich.