Any SSFIV players living Germany?

any players out there who live in Germany? i’m looking to start some kind of meet-up for players here, let me know if you are interested! :wink:

Also, If you are not living in the Ruhrpott, I guess this will be quite difficult.

Found like 4 people to train online with on and a cool guy who invited me to a weekly offline session as well (didn’t go yet since I suck :D).
You should use the appropriate forum though, which is matchmaking/world.

Besides Hardedge, look also here:

Doubt, you will something here, but the page is by WorstGiefEver.

Thanks for the links, its gonna be almost impossible to get anything going in Munich but ill try!

Why did you write Germany if you mean Bavaria?

Bavaria is like the best part of Germany, though. It looks so lovely and I was there for awhile for my studies, heh. Friendly people aswell.

Easy proof that you don’t actually live here.

Bavaria is the Texas of Germany.
Forgot to mention that many people actually confuse Bavaria with Germany, when they think about Germany.

Both got cowboys and leather pants> check
Both speak gibberish that barely resembles the original language> check
Both are full of religious, conservative anti-immigrant/abortion morons> check
Both lie in the south of their countries> check

Well, pretty good comparison.

Not my experience at all, but then again I’m a white male with a posh background lol.

Regarding the religious and anti-immigrant thing, I wouldn’t know. I do not bring that sort of stuff up at all since it’s kind of ‘‘not done’’ where Im from.

comparison with texas is quite funny actually but I don’t think its that bad but i’m also a white male.

Actually found a fb group which is active in munich!

Isn´t this thing genetically modified lol?
It´s also from Bavaria, hell she comes to Germany, should have got some beer imo.

hell it probably tastes like fresh milk compare to shit in the USA.