Any SSF4 players in Denton, Texas? UNT

Hoping to meet any shoryuken members there. How about Garland or Dallas?

how can you post without knowing how to read

I live in both areas? Are you warning me about the policy? I made the thread hoping to meet dedicated players to ssf4. You can make the deduction that I’m want to shoryuken members in denton bc ppl that can post here are have to be members right? I just want to meet actually ppl instead of playing online. this is southwest and i want real match making otherwise Id play online. Understand Thrawn

lol, if you would have read the forums before posting you wouldn’t have needed to post. in fact there are games going on right now in plano. people travel from all over north texas for games, and when somebody posts a thread for a sepcific city it doesn’t last very long

also, i hope i didn’t get trolled.

Well, i want to find a specific scene in Denton. I can’t be traveling to plano, it’s an hour away. You know Plano is a specific place. But being broad doesn’t help. North Texas is still a big place. Wth does troll mean anyways. btw good try. Plano is plano. Still finding somin in denton first. It’s borderline between Oklahoma and texas. You might want to check you’re spelling. “Sepcific”

There is a handful of players that live in denton and attend unt that game in plano every friday.

Yup yup get in touch with them and ask if they wanna game or ask if you can hitch a ride if you have ride issues. But for future reference please post in the Dallas thread. We are nice most of the time…some people just like to troll though hahah

Denton is not Dallas. Well, that’s why I posted this. Then if they respond, I can ask them. But watever.

lol I live in Denton and play SSF4. Just send me a PM if you wanna play.

So Tostitio, do you play in any particular scene in Texas? Or do you get a small get together thing or casual. I’m just wondering. btw, I appreciate ur invite

tostito travels often to dallas to play. he often comes 2-4 times a week just to play. and it’s paid off. way i see it, there’s only a few people that play in denton that post on here. but i’m sure if you have the time, then tostito(john), wouldn’t mind you hitching a ride with him to our gatherings. there’s gatherings here in dallas every thursday, friday, and saturday. you’re probably better off traveling here to play than hunting for denton players. no disrespect. and also, you might be better off posting in the dallas thread, just cuz there has been a couple denton threads that have opened up, and then the mods close them, saying that denton is close enough to dallas.

So where are these gatherings? I know there is a major dallas tournament but I have non-existent knowledge of congregating masses of ssf4 players on the weekends. BTW I do post in the dallas since I do live there as well. I tried and failed to get a comprehensive answer, instead i’m subjected to a jejune reply that epitomized an idiot. I heard of House of Goons, but I don’t know the kind of organization they perpetuate.

We have gatherings and games at various places. I couldn’t give you an address to most but the two quintessential places we game at are House of Goons, which isn’t any organization but rather just a place we play at in Plano which also happens to be Buktooth’s house. This goes on every Friday, barring any special circumstances such as tournaments and etc. We also have Fight Club every Saturday, which is also just a place we go to play games at, with various setups of different games, predominantly SSFIV. It’s located in Fort Worth at Jeff’s house who is a player in our community. All of the addresses can be found on the first page of the DTX thread, and I do a carpool now with various players from Denton every friday to go out to Goons because as of right now I’m not able to attend Fight Club because of work.

So yeah, pretty much, we have gatherings every week consisting of House of Goons and Fight Club which are actually just people’s houses we go playing at with various setups and etc. I go out whenever I can to practice and get better and it’s worked wonders so far so yeah. Check out the DTX thread and send me a message if you’re interested in joining my carpool to play at Goons on Friday Nights, but be warned that I am hardcore sometimes and end up staying until the wee hours of the morning haha.

Also that troll was probably Chuvy, he trolls everyone so don’t worry about it and the next big major tournament we have is Absolute Battle which I’m currently training for. It’s November 5th-7th and is a TX major tournament we hold yearly, so please attend.

P.S. MY NAME IS NOT JOHN :frowning: It’s Joe. haha

Whatever you say JOHN.

Wow. I’m scared. lol. Alright I’ll join your carpool next, next week. I’m alright with staying till mourning bc I of my insomnia. So I just show up? How’s this work? Kind of weird crashing a party without being invited. btw, Thanks.