Any SF4 Players In El Centro, CA Or Nearby Area?


We have a few regulars here in Yuma, AZ who have been gathering for AE and were just wondering if there is a scene at all in the El Centro area since it’s about an hour away.

Post in here if anyone is from the area and interested in meeting up!

Haha. Wow.

Nah no scene bro, I live in Brawley and nothing sparks in the Imperial Valley area : (

Sucks. :frowning:

BTW, do you post on GAF? Username seems familiar.

No : ( where are the gatherings though? I have some friends in Yuma and Blythe that are casual players and would wanna attend.

We normally get together around Cocopah Casino or in the Foothills.

Glad to find this thread. I live in El Centro and haven’t meet anyone who is into fighting games. I just need the details so I could set some time aside for some casuals. I play mostly SSFIV AE, Mortal Kombat when I am in the mood, and looking forward for The King of Fighters XIII.

You’ll quit after you play Greg.

I just moved to Blythe from Oakland. im looking for ANYTHING even remotely resembling even a raindrop of a scene. Even if its some 15 year old punk kid with an old genesis and a glitchy sf2 cartridge. WHATS GOIN ON IN THIS TOWN/AREA…ANYONE?!

We have players in the Yuma, AZ area. It’s about 2 hours south of Blythe tho. If you’re interested in playing, PM me.

Hey I live in Yuma County, saw this thread a while back figured the scene here had died (only thread from Az is the hazmat crew in phoenix). Where/when are the meetups? I play umvc 3 and a little of ssf4, would love to meet interested peeps around here.

Pm me, babymaker246.

AZ Greg, I sent you a PM a while back. Im dying here in Blythe lookin for some SSF4 action. Ya’ll still active in Yuma?

Yeah, we’re active. Anytime you want to come down and play just give me a heads-up and we can plan something.

Yooooo lets get some casuals started in this bizzie! Im here in yuma!

I am also here in yuma. let me know when shits going down.

There are a few players, by that I mean only one other that I found who lives in Imperial County. I usually attend San Diego gatherings. If this thread is even alive and kicking still.

I’m down for some casuals if someone is hosting. I wish I could but I’m on the Marine base. Also feel free to add me for AE PC and 360; irtypo.

I Live in El Centro, and I know only one person who is into the scene, but he moved to San Diego. There is a SSFIV scene in Mexicali, but I have not meet with them yet since I rarely go to Mex. Unfortunately, I am unable to go to Yuma at the moment since I currently don’t have transportation, but I am always up for some online matches, so if anyone is interested, just send me a private message… if this thread is still alive anyway…

This thread is now alive, players in the area holler at AZ greg