Any reviews/suggestions/experience on MAS sticks?

I mean these

Are they worth to buy? Who tried them or even heard of them?

id suggest a hori real arcade pro over a mas anyday. you can get one at

hardware forum dude

I am sorry for bad forum. Lik Sang offers it for big shipping. More than that stick.

if you like american sticks, go for it.

i got a mass from estarland. i like it. when it broke they fixed it for free.

That’s it, I think I like Korean sticks more. After long discussions I decided to choose … it’s good offer for a good prize. And the stick is Korean, good for me. And of course - it’s Hori.

Anyway, guys, I want to thank you all for your responds. Count on me I’ll help you if you need.

PS: Sorry to mods who had to move the thread.

lol that’s a Japanese style stick just so you know

Product Features
Japanese arcade style controller
Officially licensed and produced by Hori Japan


Lol, that’s the first thing i says under Product Features. :karate:

Dude if you’re planning to get the FS2 just because of the price, it’s really not worth it. After using it a few times you’ll realized that it sucks and you’ll get a HRAP - meaning you wasted $80+ on that FS2 stick.

Don’t be cheap on the sticks, if you don’t have enough, save up, it’s worth it, trust me.

[and yes, Hori sticks are Japanese lol.]

LOL okay Japanese - now I can’t look more dumb than I do now.

@ SiLLiEMutAfuKA: Isn’t HRAP the same as Tekken 5 Pro Arcade Stick?

so this is the shit worth buying? Everyone come on and say “YEA, IT IS” (if it is so) :wink:

goto for HRAP. same japanese edition, but $100 cheaper.

The HRAP is not the same as the Japanese T5 stick, the only difference is that there are no turboswitches, and that the T5 stick has the buttons soldered directly to the PCB, meaning changing the Hori buttons to Sanwa buttons will take alot more work. If you don’t really mind the buttons being Hori, get the T5 stick, since its on sale right now. But if you want to change the buttons, go with the HRAP , but its out of stock right now, from what I’ve seen, they stock back pretty quick. Changing the buttons on the HRAP is really easy.

So the main difference between the sticks are the price, buttons soldering method and the looks. And do not ever get sticks from YesAsia, the prices are way too high, they’re only good for music or movies.

Will HRAP be allowed on tournaments? It gots those swithes… Well,I’m buying here it’s free shipping, which is good to Europe.

So HRAP is better, you can change buttons there easily etc., everything is better, do I get it?

Yeah, HRAP’s are allowed in tournaments, I used mines in the last tourny I went to, no problems as long as you don’t use the switches of course.

I didn’t know you lived in Europe, but for $189 and you get free shipping I say go for it, if its PlayAsia I’m pretty sure its ALOT. And yes, HRAP is THE best Japaense style stick you can get on the market, very easy to change it to Sanwa buttons.

Good luck with it!

Hey man, you know, I was going to buy SF2 stick or whatever the name is. Thank you so much. I’m a webdesign+flash freak, if you need something to help with, PM me.

Thanks a lot!

Alright man no problem, if you have any question about the stick when you get it feel free to PM me.


Wanted to give ya PM but you’re full… The text is…

Hi man, it’s me again. I ordered from YesAsia, it’s $189 with shipping… I won’t pay any more than 189USD, that’s good for me. I am from Europe, other shops make better price but with shipping it’s nearly the same.

But the main thing to ask - SANWA buttons. Any links? What are they good for?

Thanks for you reply :tup: