Any PS4 (sf5) specific fight stick functions?

AUX 1 (start, + etc), AUX 2 (select, -, etc)

That’s what the PS1 had at the start. that’s 14 digital inputs.

Later PS1 and PS2 and others added LSB, RSB, and what was analog then, and later became home/ OS menu button.

That’s 17.

I had contingency for 18.

Switch has Capture as the 18th.

The only major system I don’t own is the PS4.

I heard that the PS 4 adds a trackpad. And weirdly enough, based on PS4 specific controls I’ve noticed from an outsider’s perspective, the PS4 uses that as an 18th button, and is apparently necessary for SF5 on PS4.

  1. Does the Brook Universal USB use an 18th button for the Switch?

  2. Does the Brook Universal USB also use the 18th button for PS4 SF5?

  3. I assume the Brook is designed for fighters, so that’s the easy way. But, just as a curiosity. If one wanted to hack a PS4 pad, and the trackpad is a required control, may someone link a way to do that? (even though, to save both quantity of labor, as well as Stan’s limited built in skill set, [yet increasable with knowledge, but $$$$$$$ ] the Brook UUFB is a better option in my case.)

Track pad is not a required control. All PS4 fighting games I’ve run into will only use it for training mode shortcuts. The only time I’ve run into issues where I need a trackpad button is when streaming PSX/2/3 games on PS Now. It uses the right side of the pad for start and the left side for select. Brooks fighting boards can have a trackpad button, but it doesn’t designate if the trackpad is being pressed on the left or right side, just that it’s being pressed.
Edit: So I’d say the DS4 actually has 19 buttons because the trackpad can act as 2 buttons

Thanks for answering that. So the 18th button is “trackpad touch”.

If trackpad start and select are no longer special buttons, are there 2 extra buttons, or does the trackpad replace start and select?

I’ve seen some sticks use trackpad plus digital W / digital E to equal swipes.

Also, is the 18th button used for Capture on Switch?

Yeah, when I use my stick on switch, the trackpad button is the capture button.

If you’re talking about with PS Now games, it replaces start and select, and the actual start(options) and select(share) buttons are used for the PS Now menu.