Any pad warriors on 360?

Just bought UMVC3, how many people happen to play on the stock (Fawful) Xbox controller?

I actually use the stock Xbox 360 controller for all my FG’s sans Guilty gear.

I like the Dpad alot.

How do you get past the fact that it is quite possibly the worst d-pad in existence?

I actually prefer it’s feel and texture over the other pads and stick.

It’s accurate, and I have no problem preforming advanced motions on it either.

Im a pad Dante since the beginning of time. Well pad as in controller, I actually use the analog stick which might be worse than the d-pad in terms of accuracy X_X.
Im thinking of buying a stick though for the reason above and me also playing SF4 and other games non-stop.

Also really guys? Its been like a year+ since Microsoft released normal PS like d-pads for their new controller line ups lol. I have them as well.

What WHAT? New, better d-pad you say? Ima go get me one ASAP.