Any other Overhead Super on CvS2?

Blanka’s ‘over-head/body’ level 1-3 Super is GREAT!!! :cool:

once opponent fall down (without safe fall), watch timing to cast LA super, it can be an over-head/body move. (cos u must block forward, not backward)

i had successfully done this ton of times, it works!

Havs anyone know other overhead super in CvS2 ?


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Finally… ~ 40 times i had tried…

Opponent must block in the opposite direction of where attacking sprite is.

Even if you do fireball supers so that they’re meaty, it’s not a crossup. You can however cross up with blanka’s b,f,b,f+k super, Athena’s air super, kim’s air super, probably Yun’s air super, and morrigan’s air darkness illusion. Shin akuma’s fbx2+k super will hit as an overhead. yadda yadda yadda, use the fuc#$%g search function.

Have a nice day, :slight_smile:

isn’t the search function disabled?

No there are, in N Groove if you time it right you can hop back and super blanka ball them and cross up your opponent. Its an old school Blanka trick.

Hi friend 19S10

  1. This is really old
  2. It’s not an overhead, it’s a crossup

Thanks for your helpful information anyway

What the hell are you talking about, Hoon? Blanka super crossup was in the very first post. Do we really need 18 posts about the same crossup super?

And the search function is back. A quick search would have told you that ;).

Yeah I said that, but you said it wasnt a crossup when Indeed it is. Maybe you should ask yourself what your talking about.

I said fireball supers do not cross up because in cvs2 you always block in relation to where the attacking sprite is. Since blanka’s sprite itself crosses up, his super can hit either side.

Learn to read. And I dare you to quote where I’ve ever said Blanka’s super does can not cross up.
Nevermind I found it: “You can however cross up with blanka’s b,f,b,f+k super, Athena’s air super…”. Yep, I definitely stated that blanka can not cross up, I retract my arguments.

WOoooo… a lot of new info for me!
Really thank you, ill try it out.
But, b4 i try, i foreseen Kim, Yun & Morrigan’s air super will eat the opponent’s super if misses… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anywhere, these really all crossup super i saw b4, just i cant think it out. Thanks.

i know this trick is old, but if v can think out a new strategy for it, it will become a new trick too.
Just like my explanation in -
Cable’s guard break in MvC2, this trick must much older than Blanka trick loh. but, nowadays still no one can avoid my Cable’s guard break + AVHB (even to expert players).

Skill need to improve, trick need to improve too.
Cant say this trick is old and people know how to deal with it, then v stop using this trick…
i just think this is not right.

Sorry, i m not flaming u, this just my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a really old trick and it’s not really effective against people who know the trick. Everytime I see someone set me up for it I block it correctly. It’s not a trick like Cable’s guard break. With Cable, there are a lot of ways to get out of it, but a lot of ways to compensate for it too. You can either take the hit, pushblock to throw off timing, etc… but there are ways to compensate for the ways to get out of the guard break as well.

You can always block Blanka’s crossup super. People still use the Cable guard break because it still works if you compensate for what the opponent does. It’s either you hit or you get blocked with Blanka’s super, and against people who have seen the trick before, you will get blocked and punished.

I think this still work to many people lol, unless to those who r using trick or who had hit by this trick oftenly.

i m not using this trick so straight loh,

  • sometime i purposely make it **block backward **(not crossup),
  • sometime i use different Lvl. super ( 1 or 2 or 3), cos every lvl. of super got different timing for crossup.
  • …now, i m doing the research for different Groove super timing… not sure yet, need to find out.
  • and, different distance got different crossup timing too.
    The opponent MUST really really expert on it cos he need to make decision to block backward or forward in just 0.xx sec.

Just like i said, if u improve the strategy of this trick, then even a ‘experienced guy’ will get hit too.

  • experienced guy - ~50% get hit.
  • un-experienced guy - > 90% will get hit.

**Note: i know this trick wont work on some characters in CvS2.

Just like Cable’s guard break in MvC2,
initially, people dont know and eat the AVHB;
later people know to advance block or eat the bullet or else to avoid AVHB,
but, i have break through all these kind of defence and the opponent will still get hit by my AVHB x ~. (i personnally call it Cable’s guard break stage 2 :smiley: )
of cause i know it still have a way to avoid it, but, once people discover it, then i will create another stage 3 for Cable’s guard break. :smiley:

I admin Cable’s guard break is much easier than Blanka’s crossup super, what i want to say is :
most of all trick r flexible, can be improved, just depended how wisely u use it.

People try those mixups all the time against me when they are playing Blanka… Since I’m a Blanka player too I can say I haven’t really been hit with it since I started doing it myself. I just wait to see the sprite cross over my body and block. Not too tough. MVC2 has been around for years. I think everyone has found out how Cable’s guardbreak works and how they can get around it/get around the get around… difference is there is a lot more room for error in Cable’s guardbreak so you can salvage your attempt to AHVB them. It isn’t that way with Blanka’s ball. You either hit or get blocked and punished.

So, i know u r really really expert in this trick. :wink:
Cable’s guardbreak is really diferent, i know, cos it almost un-escapeable unless u set the next character come in to certain character like Cable himself.

By the way, i have tried Athena’s air super, her crossup seem cant fully hit the opponent, just only take a few damage… :frowning:

The only overhead into super is with Kim

For real, old school tiger knee hp(so that you get a jumping fierce) xx hcb k. Very quick, very dangerous.

Hibiki also has one. I think the move is dp+k for overhead, then into super.

I guess Yun would have one too, jumping attack into air super.

Morrigan? whiff lp, lp, then connect lk xx raging demon. For those who are gonna reply to this, I’m still talking about airborne supers here.

Any others?

I’m still waiting for a complete list of supers that can cross up.

I agree with this, finally i m quite clear between overhead & crossup… :stuck_out_tongue:

Overhead = need to stand block
Crossup = need to block in front…

eh… still a bit confuse… :confused:

Cross ups are moves that need to be blocked backwards, overheads simply need to be blocked high.

So if the opponent jumps AT you, but goes over and does a crossup, you actually block towards the direction he came from. Hence the name cross up, since it feels like you’re blocking by pressing forward. That’s why Blanka’s direct lightning is a cross up. If done just right, it will hit when the opponent gets up, but on the opposite side blanka came from. If blanka does it a few frames too late, it’ll hit on the same side blanka came from. Since it can hit on both sides depending on timing, the backwards version is called the cross-up super.

Even jumping attacks that can hit on both sides can be done 50/50 by jumping at just the right spot so that no one really knows which side you’ll land on.