Any Old Skool SRK Members Still Around?

Just curious… I mean I am really really really old skool… and I stop in once in a while… whats up? Whats going on?

<<----- join date please check it!


Here we go again.

lol wow i remember your av way back prolly around circa '02 when i just got better on the spiral/sent trap.

LOL Thanks… I wasnt well liked around these parts… I mean I did have my “fans” you could say but mostly I was way too opinionated…

now I am just old and easy going LOL being 32 almost 33 will do that to you…

Trying to get into some more SF stuff… my brother told me about the new version of HF… but I am stuck playing FFXI… old well

I still <3 the Spiral/Sent trap LOL :woot:

message board nostalgia ftl

I am very sentimental… dont be so harsh you might hurt my feelings :shake:

Actually I expected as much LOL I still remember how embracing some of the people here can be…

I am back because I started playing some new SF games… Thought I would see how the community is…

Chipper as ever :wgrin:

I need to start profile searching to find all my old pals here! YES!

Welcome back!

I’m old skool FGD. Mostly strategy and gameplay and never on GD. Now what!?

Aug, 2000? Shiet. I joined late while in Chicago and you’re still a youngin’!

If only we had all those old posts:P

Straight up bro, age and join date shouldn’t mean crapola but if you feel more comfy in a certain group? More power to ya. Everyone has something to offer on SRK just like everywhere else. I understand the joy of familiarity though:

Keep it live. I tried explaining like…13 years ago, that age is never a factor in this community! Let that sink in foo! heheh

Good to see ya around:)


Whats up man!?

I remember you! I should just let it go youre right… but when I am around all the kids I am like… damn I got gray hair!




Hey hey! I have fun!

75 rdm blm whm rng drk war drg pld nin


Going down the only road Ive ever known

Like a twister I was born to walk alone

“Was once the king of gen discussion”


Keep telling yourself that, HVS.

I remember that I always wanted to be able to do an animated avatar like the one you have…

I still can’t.

You still DJ?

depends on what og is 2 you, I been around since 2001, but signed up in like 02. Guess I am. Damn been so long already lol.

I’m old school, too. Just with a name change. I’m the artist formerly known as Deathscythe. And yes, I do remember you, HyperViperSniper.

I remember you, welcome back.

I lurked in 2000, Joined in early 2001 don’t remember my username And here I am.

Damn I’m old.

I remember you, though I’m still a lurker these days. Hope you’re doing well

I remember contributing to making that AV, with Blodia.