Any info on "King Cobra" the ditched character that turned out to be Rufus?

I remember before hearing about King Cobra who would have been yet another shoto

I remember hearing that he was supposed to be the rival of not only Ken but both Ken and Ryu. Does anyone know where there’s any translate info on him? Is it confirmed anywhere that he was supposed to be a rival of both Ryu and Ken? Any other info on him would be awesome.

Woah, I never heard of this guy but I looked him up and he is awesome. Cant believe he didnt make it in. Look at this link too see some sweet info and a full colour shot of him. Hes like a badass version of Sean.

he is dead

Is that where Ken’s ludicrous and somewhat faggy fur-lined alternative costume came from I wonder. The one that’s like Gi vs Bathrobe.

Yeah I would assume so.

you know how rufus holds that bucket of popcorn, right

i remember a concept pic of the original character, but instead of popcorn, it was fried chicken.

wonder why that never made it thru

Another shoto? Isn’t there already… Oh wait it’s in exchange for rufus. Damn you capcom and your stupid decisions.

There’s no indication anywhere that he would have been a shoto though. Any concept art of a potential Judoka would be “another shoto” in that case, so would a BJJ practitioner, Makoto is a shoto too by the same logic.

Looking over the 1-up article this guy could have actually been a pretty legit character potentially. What a waste.

Having read that article…I can’t believe he didn’t make it in. His character design looked so interesting. Why Capcom, why do you deny us? But leave us with a fat blonde guy with an instant divekick.

I’d rather have King Cobra than Rufus, he looks badass.
Dammit Capcom.

He met the same fate as the clown that almost snuffed Hakan for a debut in Super.

The cutting room floor is where he resides now.

Ha imagine a guy who looked like the NEW rival of Ryu and Ken, but had the fast moves of Rufus.

I can only hope they would want to save him for SF5 and maybe he appears after the events of sf3

Too bad we didn’t get Zubaz. King Cobra’s sketches looked pretty cool actually. There were some designs for several characters that should have made it as well.

EDIT: The 1up article is actually real damn good btw.

Wow it’s confirmed in the kanji somewhere his name was actually King Cobra Kai.

closer detail of the pics

Right there. This guy definitely has the charisma that was utterly absent from the characters that eventually made a debut in SF4.

Why oh why Capcom.

I really hope they are saving him for SF5, as his concept art looks bloody amazing.

Zubaz is the real deal.

Then who’s fucking me?

I hope so too. Maybe by in the near future, if this character makes more rounds (BARELY anybody knows about king cobra) people can tell Ono or Capcom of Japan about it. This character has a wicked design and who knows he could be a shoto that isn’t like a shoto since he was the prototype for Rufus.

Also quite odd, vasili tells me in the concept art his name is King Cobra Kai. Like from Karate Kid. Kinda cheesy, but a nice “Karate” reference either way. Also someone mentioned C Viper’s concept name or project name was AGL, and she turned out being named C Viper, so perhaps Cobra Kai wasn’t going to be his real name. More a reference name.

Post this shit all over and get some people hype about it. Trying to get a PC skin mod of this guy. Too cool to pass up.

Technically speaking the character closest to being a true “shoto” is actually Makoto, lol.