Any ideas on how to make money online?

What up!

Me and my girl are currently working full time,but, we still would like to earn extra money online.

Does anybody currently have a valid way of doing this?


Start your own porn website and charge a monthly fee for random people to watch you and your girl have sex on cam. Oh, and you can’t neglect pic sets either.

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The most common way…I think…is to sell things online from home (actually you’re just taking orders, then emailing them to whatever office they ship from), and work for larger companies in doing so. You might want to look into the pros and cons of that, though. I’m not too familiar with it.

Find some fledgling programmers who need some advertising for their products, and advertise for them using bots to spam up forums

Find an aspiring model (plenty of websites for it, even craigslist) and pimp her out online. She can be non-nude if she wants.

Advertise 1 on 1 cams and private sessions. Of course, she doesn’t have to do these. Just need to get dudes to subscribe.

(Not serious…actually…partially serious)

Entertain little 14 year old kids on youtube by becoming a youtube partner.


Seriously they get paid way too much for their stupid vlogs or whatever the fuck they do now a days.

Selling things online is probably your best bet. It works both ways too as you can often find the things you need at a lower price online.

Alternatively, you could always set up a website of you jamming crude objects into her asshole and get people to pay per view. They will.

ill pay you a dollar to cream pie your girls ass

Ask DucVader.

Never forget.


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  1. Become well known in an internet clique.
  2. Cash that in ‘I’m one of you! I’m here to help you make money!’ xx Ponzi scheme combo.
  3. Profit!

I’m torn between hating his lack of shame and ‘my shit don’t stink’ attitude, and the dumbass shmucks on here maxing out their credit cards to studio traffic with dollar signs in their eyes. The only thing I can say I truly hate out of it is whoever stickied that damn thread.

Ya, I make money off of SRK. But I make damn sure they get something REAL and something WORTH IT.

EDIT: Sorry OP, I didn’t answer your question, so sorry for derailing.
The best answer is to find a need, and then fill it, especially if it goes along with your skillset. If your skills are art, deviantart, etsy, and ponoko are good places to start. If your skills are excellent writing and performing, youtube. Comics. Programming? Come up with something usefull and stick google ads up (like And yes, creating porn. FFS, I came across a very active forum today that centered on knot tying. When it comes to physical objects, there are groups out there for about every hobby and occupation you could think of, and ALL of them could easily tell you the products they’d like to buy; if you have any of the skills that can make those things, there you go. If your skills are more service oriented, find the people who needs those services; credit forums for credit repair skills for example. The more abstract stuff like comics, videos, and porn, it’s easy to get your stuff out there, and ways to market them.

I guess the main thing I’m trying to point out is that you have to PRODUCE something. You’ll find stuff about ‘no experience needed real estate/ebay businesses/ get rich quick’ stuff galore. In those situations, you aren’t producing anything, and you’ll lose a ton of money before you realize how much worse off you are trying to go that route.

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yea thay-t shit was mad lame from duc.

ckrazy: Sounds interesting, might look into this

You are Lothar: Yeah i remember when duc first started that thread, didn’t really trust it/him.

To everyone else, thanx for the input, I look forward to more suggestions.

Edited my post to try and help the OP; sorry for derailing. The whole studio traffic fiasco really pisses me off. Making money online can be done though, but we can’t give a perfect answer without knowing your skills. Any type of ‘make money, no skills required’ is either 1. a scam (see: studio traffic) 2. won’t make enough money to be worth the effort/risk because of overseas child labor doing the exact same thing.

Fuck you lothar, I was itching to make a DucVader reference.

In lieu of that, Pretend you’re a girl, and say you need $700 for a trip to Japan to take pictures.

Duc Do had a fucking awesome way to make money, he has pictures posted of his checks. I’d ask him or find that sweet thread.

EDIT: Apparently I was beaten to the punch.

Online Poker. There you go.

What’s this all about? Can someone fill me in? I guess I missed all the fun but now I’m really curious to know…

Become an affliate seller, earn commission from selling other people’s products. Good thing about this is the seller will have loads of information on their product, all you need to do is set up website, and set up some adwords. If it’s an ebook then you can sell pretty much worldwide.

Do you research on what products sell well, how much commission you can earn, and really importantly how much adwords will cost you. You will have to learn how to do keyword research otherwise you will piss away a lot more money than you earn.

Some good stuff here

I know someone people at MSU make about $5 to $10 a day. It can be alot of work but your getting paid to fill out Quizzes, answer some surveys and click through pages. Can’t beat it

Plus the blog is going to start posting daily approved offers so it’ll be easier to make money.

When I was in school, I thought the only ones who can make money online is some kind of big-brained programme writers or IT geniuses. I also tried watching commercials for money but getting a 0.01$ per 2-3 minutes is not really cool. I started gambling. Not a really big fan of it, but I have my 100-150 additional per week. It could be more but I’m lazy. Also, there are a lot of fakes and scammers. I was lucky enough to find bgaming casino.