Any good suggestions after EX. HHS

Would all guys here give me some suggestions after EX. HHS?
There are two conditions

  1. EX. HHS on hit
  2. EX. HHS on block

For 1. As it is very diffcult to link with downward weak punch, I suggest to use a frame trap after it. That is stand weak punch and then downward weak punch OS with orchit throw or HHS

For 2. After EX. HHS on block, opponents will have chances to do ultra, shoryuken or some invincible moves. I suggest to do a Focus Attack or forward jump MK. I think it is not safe for it.

EX HHS is +4 on hit, and 0 on block.

  • On hit:
  1. you should try linking cr jab.
  2. you could try to Oicho (which has 5 fr start up, so is a very good setup).
  3. Finally, you can just stop and do nothing, and try to bait your opponent - many are mashing during an EX HHS in order to hit you if you miss your link. If they are mashing - punnish them hard.
  • On block - you are on a neutral situation, so…whatever floats your boat.

I think you should never use Ex HHS on block - try to always hit confirm them (either Jewelman combos, or in clear punish situations). Otherwise it’s a waste of meter.

On hit I always recommend to go for the link, since while Oicho setup is very good, it’s risky. If your opponent is good, he will backdash, or worse, nj jump and punish you.

So, basically, if you have confidence in your links, go for Ex hands combos. If not, use them only very sparingly.