Any girls on AE?

I was just wondering if there are any other girls on SF4AE.
Because I know I’m not the only one! I would like to play with some other girls so I don’t feel like I’m the only one! (Eventhough I know I’m not!)

If you are a girl gamer on XBL message here pretty please! =)

tsk tsk missy. YOu know the rule. There are no girls on the internet.

I can honestly say I have NEVER run into a chick on PS3 with this game.

majority of my list of friends on psn are female.

Yeah they do, they’re just hidden away somewhere. I’m a chick on XBL so I think your mistaken slightly there.
I don’t have a PS3 right now, but I do intend on getting one. So there will be a chick on PSN with this game pretty soon.

i’ve run intoa few user names i just KNEW had to be chicks…they are sprinkled here and there…I’ve added a few to my friendlist…either fellow Juris Chunny’s or Cammys

Hm…Understandable seeing I main Cammy myself. Should have thought of that really.

Gonna need some proof of that claim.

hey ladystreetfighter are you good

I’d normally shy away from this sort of thread but your gamertag rang a bell… you probably don’t remember me, but my Juri ran into your E. Honda just yesterday (and got properly squashed too) :slight_smile:

I’m not the best player in the world but I’d say I’m better than some.

Proof? You think I’m one of those lonely men who has no friends or life that pays the yearly sub to pretend to be a woman to get attention?
I could name you many people on XBL then can back up my claim of being a woman, so anytime you want me to give you a name then I’ll give it to you. =)

I did? Whats your Gamertag? I hardly remember some of my games haha.

Will keep that in mind.

Go to the Cammy forums full of fangirls there.

I have never met a female player that does not play a female character. I’ve played burnyourbra but I’ve never met her, so thats the only exception.

Check the XBL matchmaking section of the forum for better results.

I doubt most girl gamers are going to post their tags for fear of abuse. Most girl gamers get harassed online, and to a lesser extent, offline.

Yeah, and oddly enough the female players tend to pick the ones that are the MOST overtly sexual female characters (Viper, Cammy, Juri) instead of the less sexy Sakura, Chun Li (still sexy but not as bad as Viper/Cammy/Juri) Makoto, Ibuki, or Rose) I find that funny for some reason.

As for ontopic. Sherryjenix regularly streams her gameplay against top players like Wolfkrone, Alex Valle and Floe. There are a number of female fighting game players but as a whole it isn’t nearly as popular among women as FPS games it seems. (I know a BUNCH of girls who love call of duty, tf2, gears of war, and left 4 dead.)

FPS gaming online it is probably like 1 out of 10-15 players is female (most tend to prefer the single player campaigns where there is less pressure, and noone randomly sending them friend invites.) fighting games it seems is probably closer to 1 out of 50 or even 1 out of 75. :confused:

That said, I dunno what the deal is. Why does it matter if they got tits or a dick (or both) as long as they bring their A game and are willing to learn from mistakes and improve their skills, I don’t care what is under the hood.

one girl name sexykhmergirl on psn she’s pretty good

Yeah I understand that.

Sex doesn’t really matter and I totally agree. Just I don’t dig the whole FPS stuff.
I might be in a minority but I don’t want be treated any different then any guy online to be honest.
Otherwise I won’t learn anything. I am kinda a bit apprehensive of showing my GT in public, but to be honest with you, I tend to ignore the negative messages I get and just get on with it.

I just don’t get all the ragemail I get from people because I’m a girl, it’s kinda lame.

Just let people assume you are a dude then. Don’t choose a GT that identifies you as a girl. Then roll with the punches as they come. If some d-bag sends you a pm calling you a faggot scrub or whatever just laugh. That is the one thing girls have a slight advantage over guys with gaming. Sure there are the idiots who will act sexist and say things like get back to the kitchen (seriously though, that sandwich wont make itself :D) but then you got more people who will white knight to defend you.

The trick is never to get offended.

I’ve had sexist comments, and I’ve been called a noob but I tend to ignore those pathetic people and just say nothing.
I’m not easily offended but when you get it everytime you win a game it tends to get ridiculous :bluu:
They only give me the rage mail because they got beaten by a girl, if I was a guy I wouldn’t get it as much you know?

Yeah, that’s why you get off your butt and do it yourself. :slight_smile: