Any Fight stick (Joystick) suggestions?

So I’m currently using a Qanba Q2 thats been pretty good only issue is that I wish it came with snappy-ier buttons that clicked more, and also the joystick is kind of loose. But overall great semi budget stick.

The joystick is my main concern and i’m planning on building my next stick pretty soon so, any of you guys have any suggestions for joysticks with a heavier spring? I’m constantly messing up on my dashes because the stick is so easy to push that if my finger is touching it, it never really goes back to neutral.

Are heavier joysticks a thing?

You can put a LS-55 spring or a 2lb JLF spring into a JLF stick to increase the spring tension quite nicely.
I do not know how that would work on a Qanba clone branded stick (the Q4 uses JLF levers). Why don’t you try it out for yourself? Springs cost what, a few bucks?

Thanks i’ll check it out, I was just on Focusattack and checking out the sticks and I also notcied a 4lb spring you can put. However I don’t know if that would be too heavy if anyone had some experience with it that would be great for some feedback. I plan to put the new joystick in the fightstick I make but i wouldn’t hurt to test it out on the q4 also.

Edit: Ok checked them out. Since everything is so cheap i’m just gonna buy a 4lb and 2lb and see which feels better for the Q2, also gonna try and buy a battop and see if that increases my mobility since i’ve never really tried one.

Have you tried the basic sanwa stick? I’ve tried silient, harder spring, and even a hyabusa. The sanwa just seems to be best imo.

For a “heavy spring” feel try the Seimitsu LS-56-01.

Make sure it comes with an MS mounting plate or you’ll have trouble getting it installed in your Q2.

If the Q2 has whatever compatibility you want/need, just swap the parts out. The Seimitsu LS-56 is my preferred lever.

Thanks for the feed back guys, i’ll check out the Seimitsu and Sanwa. I’ve always heard great things from Sanwa but never really played more than a few matches on it to really get a good feel. Since this is my first stick from converting from a pad all these years now I get a good understanding.

After doing some research apparently Q2’s have this issue where the stick loosens up after some hours of use, explains alot.

If you want stiffer right off the bat, then Seimitsu is the way to go. I personally hate the stock JLF’s tension (feels like I’m moving a feather). Seimitsus tend to have shorter throw. I personally like the LS-40 the most out of all of them.