Any fans of the street fighter alpha/zero series here?

I come from China, and I have not been in touch with the street fighter alpha series for a long time. Although this is an old game, I fell in love with it after playing it. I hope I can take this opportunity to know more players who like this game series.
This is my Youtube channel, if you are interested, you can subscribe to see it and have a chat together.
Thank you.


Welcome! And awesome matches! This remembers me when @sf2ce joined and oisted the first time. In a good way I mean! Opening up an awesome scene to more audiences!

Keep it up!


Of all the Iterations of Street Fighter we’ve had, the Alpha series is BY FAR my favorite. Especially the first two games. The music, the announcer voice, the sprite style, Buff Bison w/Cape, etc. So good. The Alpha series also introduced Charlie, one of my favorite SF characters ever.

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yes!so good!

Of course you know I like it, since we’ve played many times.

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Your channel is amazing!

I recently started playing SFA2 and it is by far my favorite SF game!

It’s so beautiful, the mechanics, the pace, everything just feels right.

And of course, the soundtrack, man those tunes are killing it!

Also it has my favorite characters, though I love all the shotos, my mains are Akuma and Rolento :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.


Here is some SF Alpha 2 from Venezuela. We are just learning the game, so be gentle!

Love the Alphas, 2 is fave, wasn’t as happy with 3 until PSP Alpha 3 max. Alpha counter FTW!!!