Any Delayed DP strategies/setups?

Sup guys, just like the title says, are there any setups for delayed dp? Because i was playing this Ryu and in the first match my setups were working fine but then he took a few seconds to think and after that, whatever mix-up i was going for he delayed dp and got me and it didn’t matter if it was normal jump in or cross up. After he did it 2 or 3 more times I realized it and the only thing i could think of was bait the DP but since he is a top player where I’m from, he only fell for it like 2 out of 10 times. Obviously he won 50-6 but before I go to his house again, any help that you guys can give would be dope.

In theory , you cannot try the fake cross up with jump forward mk against a 3 frames dp , you can bait him an air jk but it’s still risky.

Against 4 frames , after the back throw , do a cr lp and empty jump forward , still a risk too.

Against 5 frames , normally it’s good , Sagat and Cammy are an exception.

Don’t forget , the fake cross up mk can be avoid by a dash forward , then os rj lk or cr hp will help or change the timing , and it’s helpful too against the players who like to use the focus to avoid the fake cross up.

You need to beat Ryu with footsies & anti FB tools/tactics … if a Ryu player knows how to delay DPs and beat your unsafe/ambig. wake up pressure … than simple don’t go nuts … bait his DPs and punish … Ultra 1 can shut down his FB game and is also able to whiff punish or simple block punish his sweep … learn to counter his with IAJK pressure.

You cant rush down a solid Ryu … he will trade in Ultra and the risk-reward ratio is not in your favor … you beat him when you shut down his FB game … punish all jump ins with DP … and dominate the footsie game.

Adon > Ryu in the neutral game … your buttons are better and have more range … you have tons of tools to counter his FB … dance in his range and try to whiff punish it or when he cancel in FB be ready to Ultra 1 it when it is not a block string …

Playing against a 3 fr DP Shoto is totally different than playing against a 4-5 fr DP character …