Any custom stick websites left?

I remember a couple years back, I couldn’t check a thread without finding a new custom stick builder. Now all the sites I used to go to either went out of business, or the person simply doesn’t do it anymore. Now that I FINALLY have some funds to get a personal stick made, I’m curious if anyone can point me in their direction. The old sticky with stick builder links is sooo outdated, lol. . Sam can pretty much build you whatever you want. :slight_smile: MagoCyber builds cases and he has a thread in the TO as well. Foehammer is still around as well and I believe Project Giantsword still makes sticks too. Voltech is considering building cases again maybe through a kickstarter program or if he gets enough orders for a batch, he still has his thread in the TO as well and has been active again lately. There may be more builders but those as the ones I can think of off the top of my head, hopefully it can be of help to you.