Any Chance Seth Will Stick Around?

I love using Seth. Mainly due to the triple shoryuken. Any chance he’ll stick around in future SF games, or is he the next Urien? There were like 26 versions of him, so story wise, it makes sense that he be in future games.

I’d say the chances are very slim…

I’m thinking the same…I have a feeling that he is a one hit wonder

back to playing Abel =(

chances r 100% that he is not in another game :slight_smile:

Which sucks!! Seth owns.

Kyo clones anyone?

sf4 will be around for a few years yet though, maybe people will of stopped the tardwhine about him being overpowered by the time sf5 is in development.

I hope in the next SF4 installment, they actually give him his own unique moveset.

i say keep him around, keep adding to his moveset, maybe throw in a few uniques (although I prefer keeping his “tweaked other character attacks” moveset), slow him down some, and up his health a tad.

I am one of those people that really doesn’t like using boss characters in games, but Seth was just too damn fun!

I think Seth would be much more viable as a recurring character if his moveset was weakened, but his health increased by say 100, or even 150 points. 750 health is literally TOO low. You can’t do your job properly when chip damage is life threatening.

Granted, he is a powerful, and advanced level character, but, let’s say two players, who have both perfectly mastered Seth and Ryu, respectively, decide to have unlimited matches. The Ryu would almost certainly win the majority of matches, just because he has enough health to do what he needs to do. In a lot of cases, Seth doesn’t.

So if Seth WERE to stick, I’d probably see Capcom weakening his moveset alittle (not necessarily simplifying, just making each individual technique, or perhaps a few key techniques, alittle less effective), and giving him a more realistic amount of stamina.

Unique how? You want him to do an uppercut with his head? Want him to do a non spinning command throw? Perhaps a fireball that looks like a happy face?

How many characters in this game truly have unique attacks? An uppercut is an uppercut, a fireball is a fireball, a horizontal flying move is a horizontal flying move. The only difference is the animation and properties, of which all of Seth’s moves have different properties and animations, no matter how minute.

You tell 'em.

Some people just can’t see past the name of the move. Seth is a unique character that plays entirely different to anyone else. So what if he says “Sonic Boom” when he does Generic Fireball No.19375?

best post I have seen in this place in my short amount of time here…thumbs up

I for one would consider to stop playing street fighter (yeah right) if seth will not stick around or another cool and unique character like him is in the next installments but like posted earlier…
have his moveset toned down and up his healthbar a little more it would help so much and I think people would whine less about him (yeah right)

and people who hate him because he is a boss char?..what about Bison and Sagat…pffft people

Wait he says sonic boom? i have him set to japanese and i’d swear it’s a stinky boom…

*sheicke buoom

I wondered about this too, he’ll definitely be in all future SFIV versions but SF5? Probably not… unless they intend Seth #15 (canon) to be a legit character in the SF universe. I’d like him to stick around, he plays different than the rest and he’s extremely fun to use.

I hope he does, but doubt he will.

Snickers Doom.

I hope that they slowly change him over time to look more like Seth Killian.

he’ll remain in sf4 dash but word is he’ll likely be nerfed =(

honestly i think the only thing that needs fixing is the zangief matchup. either that or change his ultra and give him more health/stun, but the latter would make him less unique so i wouldn’t prefer it.