Any CC's with Ryu?

Arent there any custom combos with ryu besides starting in the corner?

I do have one which u could start anywhere but its low dmg and not very useful.

but those who are curious il post it anyany.

start anywhere activate fierce shoryuken fierce tatsumaki about maybe 5times until u get to the corner then when u are falling do a low 1 to get him above u then hk jump hk4 times repeat until u have no more time then shinku haduken.

Ive pulled it off a couple of times at the arcade, little dmg but got some props for it.

If there is another1 post it up I need to master A groove.

That is my boy’s main a groove character. I cant say exactly what it was but I will ask him. Anywhere on the screen, activate, light dragon punch, that move, lp dragon, roll, dragon,, dragon, roll dragon, it is something similar to that… you can try and play with that.

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When someone (opponent) jumps on you, do the following (anywhere on the screen);

Activate, HP DP, Hurricane Kick (with HK)X3 times (do as many you need to get them in the corner, in the air) and when the opponent is falling down do a hurricane kick with LK (this should make the oponent stay in the air while you are on the ground continuing the combo). THen when the bar almost runs out, do the power!

IT’s simple and easy.

Fair damage, around 17 hits, and looks cool—that’s what A-groove is for, for flashy combos!