Anxiety medication

Has anyone had any experience with Clanozepam or other anxiety medications like it (benzos)?

I was recently prescribed it, and about half a pill is enough to calm me without making me,too drowsy, but I know it can be addictive; it’s hard to feel so calm and not want that feeling every day.

I was just wondering if anyone here has dealt with this before, and if it had any poor side effects or other noteworthy aspects.

Don’t take the pills.

advice coming from someone who was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and refuses to take any pills/medication

For me the best “medicine” for anxiety was meditation and rhythmical breathing patterns. Any type of medication just numbed me and did help my mental state at all. I know that you’re just asking about a certain type of medication,but from my own experience I would never recommend it over trying to get self-control. The breathing patterns really help control the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood,thus cutting off any kind of anxiety fuel from your brain whatsoever. Eventually your mind will learn to not go into anxiety just as it once “learned” to from the constant stress of whatever caused it.

That was my first idea, but they’re actually really helpful. I trust medication to begin with, being antidepressants saved my life. That said, these feel like they’re more addicting… it’s hard to resist, though I’ve done well so far.

I have anxiety problems and used to be severely depressed and the medication didn’t help at all. One day I just though fuck it and started doing shit on my own, got a voluntary job and stuff. My anxiety is no where near as bad as it used to be now and only comes up from time to time same with my depression.

Yeah I used to take clorazapam, Larazapam and even diazepam from time to time when prescribed. They make it hard to be functional IMO and are a band aid on the real root of the problem. If you tend to get anxious it’s because there’s a problem you need to address, and the drugs just alleviate the symptoms. If you’re anxious about school or work try and manage those concerns, because pills sure won’t.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the drug I take for all of my ailments.

I’ve taken buspar and clonazepam…I was diagnosed with anxiety at around 16…22 now. Honestly man, don’t use the medications, they don’t help much and they can be really emotionally damaging. I still suffer from GAD but as time has gone I’ve been able to manage my anxiety a bit more and more. I don’t have a solution but I can honestly tell you that those medications didn’t work at all for me.