Anti-Morrigan CC tech?

Has anybody ever tried utilizing Haggar’s CC lariat to get a hit on Morrigan up close?

I’ve messed with it in Training mode and it seems really helpful

Seems like a viable option in the mu if you can close the gap using a character with great mobilty or options to get in on Morrigan during her astral vision like say RR or Sentinel

You would have to x factor to get the kill but totally worth it imo

What do you guys think?

Haggar’s CC lariat is very underrated. And do get around Morrigan’s BS and getting the kill is definitely worth it.
i used the same thing when i played a set against marlinpie at CEO 2012 when he did the Doom Ammy THC tech.

But it’s a risky move because you’re wasting an xfactor and you’re open for punish when you miss.

Haggar can jump up and and spam command grab three times and waste time. Just be mindful of hidden missiles. If morrigan is dumb she will stay away and spam soul fist, allowing you to do it more after missiles hit you or you block them. if she’s smart she’ll close the gap, and take a chance at getting grabbed or piped.