Anti morridoom strategies

Does dante have any real strategies or tools that can potentially beat morridoom or just morrigan soul fist spam

twister and jam session have a lot of durability for clearing out missiles and soul fists, and do a pretty good job of covering dante. twister is better for anti-projectile purposes, jam session has higher reach.
dt gives you flight, vortex (invincible) and thunderbolt (super jump and start spamming to hang in the air and hit doom when he comes out)

my ‘strategy’ is to block, play patiently and pick your spots to attack. admittedly, that isn’t much of a strategy but it’s better than ‘run into fireballs and die’ which people seem to be fond of doing.
try not to call assists unless you know you can keep them covered, having an assist juggled to death by soul drains totally sucks

Dante is like the best character in the game against Morri Doom so yeah you’ll figure shit out if you play with all of his moves.

Does Dante’s priority on his special moves go up after devil trigger? If so it sounds like the answer to all her bs

Except for the stuff mentioned in the second post, million carats is good against that bullethell ,because it has many active frames and covers Dante from Morrigan’s normal and mirror fireballs.Also it can protect him from Doom’s missiles and is cancelable in DT.
Tiger knee vortex in order to get in and avoid missiles and fireballs.If it gets blocked you are +10.
But anyway Morrigan has many patterns with fireballs ,missiles and she can play offensive or defensive.
So there is no actual strategy against morridoom.You need to see through the patterns and exploit Dante’s aforementioned moves,but certainly he has the tools to deal with morridoom really well.