Anti-Geese notes

far s.HP 1500 0/0
34 frames total

Be very careful of Geese’s far s.HP. This move is like Sagat’s. Both are only 34 frames long, far range, very strong, and last a long time. Walk into too many of these and you’ll get dizzy very fast. Mash that shit Geese!

d.MK 1000 +1/+1
4/7/14 x/o/o
25 frames total

At only 25 frames, this move is very fast. Don’t try to anticipate and roll through it. It’s not possible. There’s no roll in that game that’s quicker than 27 frames anyway. NOTHING is guaranteed even if you do roll through it sucessfully. Geese will just hit you with a free combo or another d.MK.

far s.HK 1400 -3/-3
45 frames total

Yielding -3, Geese is COMPLETELY safe after hitting you with this. Don’t try to hit Geese after with super. It’s not possible even with reversal timing. Most of the time Geese is actually in the frame advantage with this move. There’s a potential +4 if Geese hits with the very last frame possible. Anything you try will almost certainly be counter hit.

Your best bet is to roll when Geese does this. 45 frames is very punishable when whiffed.

Be very careful of these:

c.LP +8/+8
c.LK +6/+6

The cheapest move Geese has:

close s.LK 500 +7/+7
2/4/6 o/o/o
12 frames total
hits mid

Geese can reverse your throw attempts with this move! Don’t bother pressing any button after he hits you with this. +7 lets him link whatever he wants. These things chain into one another too…

d.HP 1300,1100 -12/-12

People with 3 frame uppercuts are really good. This is one of the best d.HP uppercuts in the game actually. It will stop any cross-up, including annoying ones like Nakoruru’s. The move’s weakness is the -12. You can air Just Defend and hit Geese for free after.

d.HK 1400 down/-15
45 frames total

This and reppuken is the biggest opening to exploit when fighting Geese. -15 is very poor recovery. 45 frames is very rollable too. Even if Geese is smart and only does these from the maximum range, there’s still nothing he can really do after when it’s blocked. Start your offense after Geese tries this on you. Just don’t run into Geese mashing on far s.HP after. That, he can do. :lol:

f, f dash
65 pixels long

Geese’s dash is super fast. The same as Rugal’s. Watch out for:

-d.LP, dash, throw
-close s.LK, dash, throw
-close s.LK, d.LP, dash, throw

Damn, I always knew Geese had alot of frame advantage of his light attacks, are you going to add more?

Yes yes, this move is beautiful:) ., c.HP, and if they connect the jaiken.

kcxj ive noticed that youve posted certain things for chars out of the CvS2 book such as B&B’s and such i was wondering if you could post some tips for geese if not i guess its understandable

You said that c.HK and qcf+P are geese’s biggest openings…

Did you mean either of the two moves alone or the c.HK xx qcf+LP/MP pressure string

All of the above.

You would think the biggest opening would be when he does the air fireball right? I hate the stupid move. Geese always recovers before I can hit him. So yeah, attack him when he does stuff with the ground fireball instead.

Most characters can super in between a sweep xx fireball, like chun or shotos, Blanka. Some may even be able to low jump and nail him. For the most part Geese is pretty much safe.

I play with Geese and I use him okay…I still need practice with him. I can almost any combo you’re able to do with him but I just need a little more. I done s. HK to the Raising Storm a caught some people. That and a DASHING Raising Storm I’ll save that for dizzy fighters I just does it in training mode. I’ve seen some do the Evil Shadow Masher cancel the 3rd hit into the Deadly Rave…I was tripped out about that because I’ll never think of doing that. I’ve tried to do it but it most be precise timing I believe so I tried to send an IM to the guy who did it and I guess I’ll get a response from him today. You all can look at it to. Just go to:


  • Go to “Match Vids”.

  • Look for the match-up between "Just1Moe vs Silent Legend"
    and click the side of it to download.

  • Silent Legend (right side) is the one with Geese.

  • Also check out the various intros.
    ~ One has Morrigan (K-Groove) JDing Joe’s Double Cyclone…and
    many more.

I’ll check in this specfic room again to see what you guys thought of it.

I did a cross-up mk, c.lp, c.lp, c.rh xx ragingstorm on my friend yesterday. Heh, show off combo of the day, Deadly rave combos are better though.

I find the best raging storm is forward + fierce xx raging storm. Only do it on dizzy opponents(without using deadly rave). Most of the time, my opponents eat anti-air RS. Deadly rave is still better.

When Geese does c. hk xx fireball, you can reversal sonic hurricane for 12 hits of counter hit damage. Cammy can do lvl 3, ryu can du shinkuu hadoken and so forth.

Your Ryu tip… Do you mean to Shinkuu Hadouken super in between the sweep xx reppuken? Like when Geese does max range d.HK xx qcf+MP or jab, jab, jab, d.HK xx qcb+MP? Or can Ryu super Geese after blocking the reppuken?

If you mean to super in between, there are other options you can use well. Like K-Sagat… the best thing he can actually do is free low jump HK xx super. I bet Sagat could fierce Geese in the face too. With any other characters, roll cancel through the reppuken, parry, JD, it’s all good.

I mean do the super as you recover from the sweep, as to avoid blocking the reppuken. I don’t find JD’ing the fireball all that useful unless you have Sagat, perfect range after the JD. Your best bet is probably to small jump with roundhouse then super.

Even if u dont have super, u can still hit geese if he does his cr lp cr lp cr lp cr hk xx reppuken blocked poke string, basically any move that goes over ground fireballs can be used in this situation

shoto hurricane kick
bison torpedo
blanka ball
sagat tiger crush (wont work if geese does max range sweep xx reppuken)
cammy hooligan combination (doesn’t actaully punish, but alot of times geese will eat the grab anway)

Even if u dont have a move that can go over the reppuken, u can go for a low jump to try and gain the initative back, watch out for a reversal high counter thou, as geese will recover b4 u can attack him.

btw i dont have access to any frame data, and was wondering if geese was the only character with a 2 frame link into sweep (cr lp cr hk)

what’s the deal with his , I stuffed a lot of chunli’s moves today with that move

I neer use this move that much , so can people lay out some info on this move?