Anti-C Groove Air to Air Combo

Everyone by now knows that you can superjump at an airborne opponent BEFORE activating, then activate in the air to pass through their attack with [sj.rh x2, sj.strong] and you can juggle them to the corner and paint their fence. The only thing is, C-Groove can block that. So to get around that, after you superjump and activate do [sj.SHORT x3, sj.strong]. One of two things will happen. Either A) they didn’t block all of those hits and they’re already in knockdown state, or B) they blocked all of those hits and it pushed them above you (i.e. you will land first). Here’s how you get around their airblock:

As SOON as you land, SLIDE (c.rh). Since they’re above you, the slide will hit meaty so they can’t airblock it. Since the slide is a knockdown they can be juggled. Do a s.strong and some jumping hits, or s.fierce and scissors to get to the corner and paint their fence. :cool:

Thanks! :lol:

Thanks a lot Gunter. Always looking out for more stuff for us. Where did you keep my flag?

Anti-C Ground to Air/Other random Bison stuff

Old. REALLY old. The one on the site should do more, and doing [s.rh, rh scissors] (i.e. the common anti-air CC) to the corner DEFINITELY does more.


Tragic’s does the most in the game as far as I know. You’re just doing it wrong. Here’s how I’ve been doing it:

CC, c.forward, s.fierce, s.rh x2, c.rh, s.fierce, b-f+rh, DP+fierce, b-f+rh, DP+fierce x6, b-f-b-f+K

The cool thing about this CC is that you can use it to stop cross-ups ala Chun-li d.MP. Crouch still, CC at the last moment (or walk under, CC), then d.MK past opponent’s trip guard.

Trying to use CC, d.MK as anti-air from the front is unreliable, so I never go for that. s.MP xx dp+LP or jump MP x 2 is better instead.


You have to use roundhouse scissors against Bison, but everyone else you can use forward scissors. I’m ghetto and just do jab x2, short, forward scissors against everyone else.


Because it’s faster and it never ever misses against anyone other than Bison.


Anti-air CC.

Thanks for the info Gunter (and the timely reply too). I had no idea about the Tragic CC and how you need to use roundhouse scissors against another Bison.

gets practicing