Answer to jab pressure

Hi so Ive been picking juri up for the last couple weeks as was wondering what to do with her when you are constantly just being jabbed. I main balrog so I have the sweep for him but I do not know what do to for Juri

It’s kind of tough but if you have a player that is constantly jabbing you on wakeup you could opt for a EX-pinwheel or a counter-teleport. Be warned, however, the pinwheel is dangerous and easily punishable. The teleport can be used to get you out of the way and possibly even crossover the opposition.

If you’re just being jabbed from a jump-in shame on you! Fuhajin, fuhajin, fuhajin. Fireballs are your best buddy in alot of match ups. It keeps players away from you. Juri has a ridiculous zone game that is rivaled by only a few.

Thanks for ur help. I actually never thought of using the fireball kick. Im used to playing charge chracters so naturally I just hold down back. lol.

Yea I will try that to counter jabs from jump ins. I guess I gotta just get faster reflexs. And ty for the wake up advice. I would probably also choose the counter over ex pinwheel kick.

Thanks for helping me.

I often have people who wake up DP - obviously simple, bait with a block, pinwheel.

Now, when I get jabbed, I often wakeup into blocking, or some jabs myself.

Usually, my beats whatever they’re trying to jab out.

Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, the odd (don’t abuse it) wakeup ex.pinwheel will keep them away for a bit. If you notice them buffering, or inching towards you and you know they often DP, or poke you - Ex.pinwheel is one of your best bets.

Wakeup counter is nice - but it takes a few frames to get started. Could work if your opponent has a slow wakeup attack, but if they’re fast - they’ll get you before your animation is finished.

Now - without wakeups.

I fight a lot of jabbers, one of my favorites is to bide your time, and when they switch to a c.lp or I toss out a and do an overhead, then launch a pinwheel. Keeps them at bay.

Also, remember juri has amazing potential for counters, if you see them coming in to start a jab-a-thon, prep are a hp-counter, then in the air, hit them with an ex dive kick, into an ex pinwheel. Punish them!

Also, jabbers seem to get mixed up a lot when I hold onto 3 fireballs - great mind games with them.

Try and keep your distance, Juri has some amazing dashes, and dive kicking in (without follow up) is a great way to put some pressure back on them, and an easy opening to start your own poking.

on another note,
The Destroyer, did you used to go on ?

I just wanted to add that EX-Counter is a 1-frame startup and works great on wakeup (plus, you can choose direction, so you can slip in behind them and ex-dive or whatever you want). Against a patient player it can cost you, but if you’re always getting sniped on wakeup it’s a great option.

I haven’t tried this - but great advice. Didn’t realize ex was a 1-frame startup. Definitely keeping this in my arsenal.

alrite thanks for you help guys. Ive been getting better with her so yea. but those scrubby ryus who just jab and then cross you up and then jab again and continue this cycle where starting to get annoying lol.

And um sry but no I did not go on But yea I should probably use the counter more often. It really trips people up. ill try it on getup

Okay here is what you do. When you recognize its a jabbing player, use your to stuff it. works awesome. If they start doing that cross up stuff, remember to ex counter, fly over their head and punish them, hard. they will think twice about this. If they dont, continue it and fuck em up.

Now. If they’re diong jab pressure, just block. What they’re saying is “I dont like you on top of me, and my defense is paper thin”. This is the time to exploit this with meaties and fuhajin pressure. IF you get in, THROW THEM FORWARD. Get them in a corner. Once there these player are DONE! Corner, throw a fuhajin. If you can confirm the hit, combo hard. At this point they’ll wanna dragon punch. Thats when you step back a bit, throw a high fuhajin, knock him out

At that point, they wont dragon punch. continue fuhajin pressure.

Basically, find situations where that wont work. It wont work if its too far. If they’re far they must block. If they throw SRK vs your meaty fuhajin, they eat full punish, or ultra if you’re quick enough. If they jump, they eat punishment. If they block, they’re right back to where they started…and yuo can continue pressure. You have you train your opponent within 3 rounds. Train him to block on wake up. Then throw him. Ha. Then Overhead him + fse combo. Train him to jump alot, then anti air him. Basically, get him to do what you want. And if you can do that, then that jabbing crap will be shut down by st.far mk, ex pin, throwing. Remember…meaty throws will beat this clean.

and…if all else fails, training mode son!