Another which stick should I buy thread

Ok, I know that a modded stick with Happ or Sanwa stuff is good, and that the best stock stick would probably be the HRAP. However, if ordering online is out of the question, which of these sticks is better? That also means no modding… I need one and they’re all I can get my hands on. The costs are in Australian dollars so yeh… just relatively.

SFAE $150
Tekken 4 $80
SCII $80

Which do you all think? I’d want to be able to play both Tekken and CVS2/CFJ style games on it so im not picky about ball and shaft types or Happ Competition style ones.
Also if anyone knows any places in Sydney that actually have better sticks in stock- ie. no ordering online, that’d help a lot.

SFCS $150?
you gotah be kidding me, try looking harder

Yeh $150AUD no kidding. JB HiFi is the only place to stock it too. Prices are like that to get stuff in store. If you know anywhere its cheaper~

since you said no modding, Hori Tekken 4 is the best stick out of that list. Is it just me or are Hori parts very similar to seimitsu (atleast in the SCII and T4 sticks)? If i didn’t know any better i would have thought that they were the same thing. SCII layout is funky unless you mod it. SFAC is crap without being modded and it cost way too much (in your case) and i don’t like american type sticks anyway.

Im looking to buy the SC2 Arade stick whats funky about it?

There 59.99 at EB games

The button layout is weird…not anything that can’t be fixed by reassigning the buttons in the menus for PS2 games, but it does mean it’s kinda screwy with some converters, unless you rewire it.

Wait does it work with ps2 to xbox converters? If not i cant get it!

Not australian dollars they aint.


So is the feeling that a Hori Tekken 4 stick would be a good idea?
And also, apart from the button layout, is it the same as the SC2 stick?

$80AUD turns out to be about $55 or so US too btw.

what site are you buying from?

Cmon, buy HRAP. HRAP is nearly the same as SC2 stick. You can easily mod HRAP ( for buttons etc.) and in my opinion it’s the best way to go.

If its nearly the same as the SC2 one, why?

Tekken 4 and SCII have the same layout which is the proper japanese cabinet layout. That’s the only thing that dissapoints me about the HRAP. The layout is weird but you can adjust easily i guess.

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Once again Tekken 4 buttons and stick are good enough to last you for a LONG while, if they start going bad then modding it would be the best bet then.

So the SC2 stick is good then right?

I have 2 SC II sticks and a Tekken 4 stick, use my SC2 stick almost everyday !

So i guess ill go with the SC2 then

if you were in the UK I’d offer to sell you one of mine thats never ever been opened, let alone out of the box, but shipping would be a biatch

sorry im in the us…I found it on a few sites, but dont know if i trust the sites…

exactly my point, shipping would be silly priced