Another fan art thread

might as well make myself a topic. ive got a ton of drawings, but id rather keep this thread with more recent stuffs.

i have a tendency to make my women amazonian/rubenesque/thick/chunky in stature. take that as you will.

blue mary ryan - just trying to make that weird outfit of hers workable.

vanessa - tried keeping it in the same vein as the pic above, but i didnt quite pull it off.

cammy i scratched up yesterday. kinda wonky and ish.

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love the way you draw faces! it’s simple, but the little white dot on the lips adds a lot of character to your work

Yes! Awesome! Love the Cammy pic!

Been watching you for awhile on Deviantart and some of the MS Paint Board. Glad to see you haven’t stopped! Great work! Also, love the angle on that cammy pic.

why would you follow me on dA, you’ll just expose yourself:P

decided to see if the tablet would co-operate today.

cable and deadpool. wish they were in the same game :frowning:

todays scribble

Cable deadpool is great!

So good, the faces in particular I really like.


Love thiss… Yay Chun li :smiley:

Your women are all so butch lol

dont think ive ever had that said to me before

just wanted the women to look like fighters who could hold their own in a tournament with no weight class or restrictions on super powers :smiley:

It’s more so that they’re all very defined / toned, you draw them with very sharp lines / points.

I ain’t complaining~

I dunno it’s kinda refreshing to see a different take on the character. Sexy thighs as alwaysss. I think how you draw faces is my favorite. :smiley:

terry and ryo

I’m digging the Cammy action. :slight_smile:

Yeah I have a somewhat one-sided vision of what women should look like… it’s not as extreme as it sounds though. Just saying. I’m a shallow guy, what do you want from me? lol

dont sweat it dude, im not :smiley:

Neck looks a little too low… like the dude is crunching his neck in towards his left shoulder. Actually, it’s that whole left shoulder/top left quadrant of the body that looks compacted together.