Another dump

The Kalashnikov Monkeys (WIP)

Combining two things that always bring a smile to my face: Monkeys and Soviet military firearms. Yeeha!

Haven’t decided on what coloring style to use yet. :confused:

that bottle he’s holding is really distracting. The angle is really wrong.

Really? How so?

the way the hand is angled, the bottom of the bottle would be angled farther back, and the top would be forward. the top’s fine, it’s just the lower half of the bottle is comin forward as well, so it’s kinda bendy looking. can’t really find anythin else. overall fun stuff. diggin the individual expressions.

You’re absolutely right (see what I did there?) Thank you for pointing that out. I always seem to miss little details like that which is why I post my work here and other art forums.