Another Damn question on PCB's...Help!

I’m sorry if the answer to my question has been posted before. But I’m lookng to build an custom arcade cabinet with a PC running mame and an Xbox360. My question is if I purchase the I-pac2 pcb will I be to use it on my PC as well as my Xbox360? My alternative to this would be to use to TE sticks but then again I would have to have the turbo panel in sight in which I don’t. I ask about the I-pac2 pcb because there is no soldering unlike the Paewang pcb. It would have been nice if those suckers would have already soldered. Maybe you guys can plant some ideas in my head as to which route would be the easiest to do. Thanks.

The I-Pac as good of a PCB as it is, it is designed for PC use only. Xbox 360 as an encoder chip to disallow unauthorized controllers.
That is why you need a Xbox 360 controller PCB to make a Xbox 360 compliant stick.

So far if your running a Xbox 360 PCB, you have to do some sort of soldering

You can dual mod a Xbox 360 PCB with a toodle’s Chimp if you don’t want the Paewang

U-hid and I-pac are what you would need if you were running a PC game that only supports mouse or analog or keyboard input. I-pac solves a problem. however you do not need it at all on a strictly mame cabinet (unless you like spinners). I have mameplus and shmup mame, they both work fine using a xbox 360 wired controller or joystick. you need to map your controls from the mame menu the first time you use it. I-pac comes with the default mame keyboard keys mapped so it is great if you don’t have 2 minutes or don’t know how to set it up. I would not pay 4 times what its worth just for convenience. mame even recognized the stupid xbox triggers that show up as Z axis. therefor IMO, you do not even need the paewang for perfect windows/mame/xbox controller compatibility. you might be able to find a xbox joystick PCB cheaper. although, the paewang PCB is only $40 @ with free shipping when you buy all your sanwa / seimitsu stuff. also, the paewang has perfect 8 buttons (no analog) when forced into PS3 mode. this would make it compatible with more emulators. I still have not figured out how to use kawaks without joy2key. I-pac is like having joy2key built in but its just as much a pain in the ass to use the I-pac utility with friends waiting to play as it is to setup joy2key while friends are waiting.

Thanks fellas for the replies. It seems the way to go is to get an Xbox joystick PCB. But wouldn’t this mean I would still have the turbo panel connected? Correct me if I am wrong but with an Xbox controller PCB I would have to do some soldering in which I would like to stand clear from. But if necessary I would have to learn. I didn’t know that videogamesnewyork sells the paewang PCB. I’m from New York and I got my copy of STFxT from them maybe when I’m the city I could run over there and see if I could get them to maybe solder the PCB for me if this is my route. Hey Tigermaskchi I sent you a convo about requiring info on the Kawaks emu and roms. Please get back to me thanks.