Another Century’s Episode R for PS3

Another Century’s Episode R is the collaboration of Banpresto, best known for their Super Robot Wars franchise, and From Software, the makers behind the Armored Core series. The game is a fast-paced action title featuring characters, mecha and story elements from 11 famous Japanese anime and manga . However, while Super Robot Wars is known for combining super robots, like Mazinger Z, and real robots, like Mobile Suit Gundam, A.C.E. exclusively focuses on real robots. This is the 4th installment in the A.C.E. series.

Mecha list for Another Century’s Episode R

Super Dimension Century Orguss

  • Orguss (Kei)
  • Orguss II (Orson)
  • Naikik (Athena)

Mobile Suit Z Gundam

  • Z Gundam (Kamile)
  • Hyaku Shiki (Quattro)
  • Dijeh (Amuro)

Mobile Suit Gundam Char?s Counter Attack

  • Nu Gundam (Amuro)

Crossbone Gundam

  • Crossbone Gundam X1 (Kinkaid)
  • Crossbone Gundam X3 (Tobia)

Gundam Seed Destiny

  • Destiny Gundam (Shin)
  • Strike Freedom Gundam (Kira)
  • Infinite Justice Gundam (Athrun)

Full Metal Panic!

  • ARX-7 Arbalest (Sousuke)
  • M9 (Melissa)
  • M9 (Kurtz)
  • Bonta-Kun

Overman King Gainer

  • King Gainer (Gainer)
  • Dominator (Cynthia)

Code Geass R2

  • Lancelot Conquista (Suzaku)
  • Lancelot Albion (Suzaku)
  • Guren Aerial-Type (Karen)
  • Guren Seiten 8 Elements (Karen)
  • Shinkirou (Zero)
  • Akatsuki Command Model C.C. Custom (C.C.)


  • Solar Aquarion (Apollo)
  • Aquarion Mars (Sirius)
  • Aquarion Luna (Silvia)

Macross Zero

  • VF-0A (Shin)

Macross Frontier

  • VF-25F (Alto)
  • VF-25F Super Pack (Alto)
  • VF-25F Armored Pack (Alto)
  • VF-25S (Ozma)
  • VF-25S Super Pack (Ozma)
  • VF-25S Armored Pack (Ozma)
  • VF-25G (Michael)
  • VF-25G Sniper Pack (Michael)
  • RFV-25 (Luca)
  • RFV-25 Super Pack (Luca)
  • Queadlun Rea (Klan)

Here is the Promotion Video for the game:[media=youtube]bgTHeXJCveQ&feature=related[/media]

the cinematic blew my mind, awesome rendering too bad this is just a hype generator since we already know the ingame graphics wont (cant) look as good given the ps3 graphic specs

I hope the gameplay to be good, almost all of these type of games get too repetitive (boring) after you figured out the whole game system

Also english release pls, I mean come on economy is shit right now , especially the japanese vidgame industry, but these guys keep on releasing japan only titles like they dont want my money (or the rest of the world for that matter)


Man, I just want a realistic Gundam simulator that takes place in the same universe as 08th ms team. Sniping Gundams and using anti personal weapons while at the same time having crazy one on one battles using the landscape and terrain to your advantage.

yeah like those caged arcade machines in japan that have videocameras and all that stuff, somebody should wise up and make a game like that for the PC

I’m on the sage page. I mean, where is my NA release for Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT?

I liked ACE 1 & 2, and I really want to be hyped for 3, but none of the featured titles/mechs really appeal to me.

While I too am not interested in the currently listed mechas, I’ll prob. get the game regardless so long as the gameplay appeals to me.

Another Century?s Episode R (PS3)

Release date: August 19th 2010

ACE to PS3? Great!

That’s the whole list? Seems lacking, at-least Nu’s there…ACE3 had a way better line up.

Wow…I just saw a Mech rocketpunch a giant ship right through the eye…This game is going to be fucking awesome. Like wow.

Here goes some screen shots of the game and it’s looks good.

I love Macross to death but there’s a million VF-25’s and no VF-27? 1/3 of that list is the VF-25. That’s like MvC2 with 20 Ryu’s.

Please let this be the robot fighting that we have begged for these many years!!! PLEASE!!!


Here are some new Promo videos that came out:



This game looks badass. I might actually import it. Love the scale of the boss fights too.

Where are Gurren Lagann and the Evangelions? :frowning: